Top Ten Reasons Why Big Hero 6 Is Better Than the Nut Job

The Top Ten

1 Big Hero 6 is actually funny

This is one of the dumbest Top Tens lists yet!

Face it Nut Job, you're a movie that kills brain cells, Big Hero 6 is a movie that is, and always be IMOO-IMMORTALSS!

2 No Gangnam Style in Big Hero 6
3 No talking dog in Big Hero 6
4 Baymax the comedy genius is better than Grayson the idiot
5 The Nut Job isn't original

True, it's a rip-off of Over the Hedge!

6 Big Hero 6 has better writing

What was the point of this list? It is no competition, the Nut Job sucked, and Big Hero 6 was awesome. No competition. - AnnaOfArendelle332

7 Big Hero 6 has a better story
8 Big Hero 6 is actually memorable
9 Raccoon is terrible
10 The Nut Job had too many trailers and video clips, so when the movie is watched it is boring

The Contenders

11 Immortals is better than Gangnam Style

I love rock music, especially Fall Out Boy!

Immortals deserves a 10/10, or even higher!
Gangnam Style deserves a 3/10 at most. Least it's not as awful as Justin Bieber!

Hiro plays the guitar, Baymax plays the drums, Gogo twerks, Honey Lemon plays the saxophone, Wasabi plays the turntables, and Jake plays the piano

12 Big Hero 6 is cool
13 There are dumb jokes in Nut Job
14 The Nut Job could also refer to a sexual innuendo
15 The Nut Job is a rip off of Over The Hedge, Big Hero 6 isn't
16 The Nut Job has horrible animation
17 Nut job is mean-spirited with very unlikable characters.
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