Top Ten Reasons Why Big Hero 6 Is Better Than Wreck It Ralph

Big Hero 6 is an awesome movie. I do like Wreck it Ralph, but I think Big Hero 6 is a bit better for these reasons.

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1 It's Funnier

I have to admit Big Hero 6 was very funny, especially the "Discovery" scene. Wreck it Ralph did have funny parts, but less funny parts than Big Hero 6.

They are both good movies. But since BH6 Is better, I had to remix this list.

Only the first half of the movie was funny...

Bay max is more funny than ralph

2 It Has a Better Story

I actually think that Wreck-It Ralph has a better storyline. He's a villain who doesn't want to be a villain. Big Hero 6 is just: a guy steals micro bots. Hiro and his friends need to get them back.

Wreck it Ralph did have a good story, but Big Hero 6 was more original and has more drama.

Well drama is bad! Drama is stupid!

Nope,wreck it Ralph's is

3 It is More Original

Wreck it Ralph may be one of my favorite animated films of all time, but I guess half of these reasons are true!
Glad that you're back, Jackson!

I'm mad that these 2 films are being compared. They are both good.

But Ralph is a video game movie, and video game movies are superior to all kinds of movie types,not really,they just seem the best for me

4 The Characters are Better

I found Ralph's story the clichéd "I don't fit in " story, though good. Big Hero 6 had a story about a boy that had to get over a death. In the manga it did say Hiro was treated differently because of his intelligence. But I also liked how Hiro is not that stereotypical protagonist. I mean the kid tried to kill someone!

You don't really need to have brawn in order to succeed (like Ralph). You can use your brains too! (just like Hiro). This doesn't mean I don't like WIR, its cool but Big hero 6 just went to the top of my list.

Marvel comics characters, or lame video game characters. Choose wisely

No stop it guys gene is a better character than random scientist people he’s a tsundere

5 The Plot is Better

No their plots are both the same

Big hero six is about a group of nerds shouting at everything(honeylemon)telling bad jokes(Fred)and putting gum everywhere instead of throwing it away(gogo),but at least rafari was good.

But wreck it Ralph's were about a game character going on missions,trying to earn respect,trying to escape a game he accadently crash landed in.and saving the entire arcade,and he does gain that respect

6 Big Hero 6 has more drama

Drama isn't necessarily good. There's also melodrama which I think is a better word to describe the supposed "drama" in Big Hero 6.

And wreck it Ralph had successful dramas well

But drama is bad,but to be honest,big hero 6's drama was actually good

Drama is bad,you should see what Disney did to drama,glad Ralph doesn't have drama

7 The Writers are Better

They are by as good as eachother

8 Big Hero 6 has a better location

No wreck it Ralph does! Your inside a videogame for goodness Keys!

This one is inaccurate,big hero 6 is only in san fransisco,ralph is in an arcade game for god sakes

Yes I agree Ralph does,this list is innacurate

9 It is More Emotional

No, the kart smashing scene is much, much more emotional than the death of a guy who we hardly knew.

Big hero 6 made me laugh and cry in the first fifteen minutes!

Your probably autistic for crying while watching that movie

Honestly, I cried during Big Hero 6!

Like I said,drama is the stupidest thing in s movie ever

10 It Didn't Get a Terrible Sequel

If Disney makes a sequel when any one of the team gets "bored", decides to join a violent street gang, and joining said gang is presented as the "right" thing, I'll tear my internal organs out! Also if Hiro meets the Avengers and/or X-Men, they go through that whole "are you a real hero (princess doesn't apply here) thing, and all end up in stupid graphic shirts.

And now Disney is going to make one. Possibly one that's too busy trying to be "subversive" to tell a good story that makes sense for these characters.

We don't need "comfy squad" Avengers, that's for sure

Fingers crossed that it never does

The Contenders

11 It Had Better Music

See, now I respect this list. Although I enjoyed Wreck it Ralph better, the creator of this list wasn't saying a character from Wreck it Ralph was terrible, or if the plot was messed up, or whatever.

No, it didn't. "Shut Up and Drive" is way better than "Immortals". But since neither of them are musicals, it doesn't really matter that much.

Immortals deserves a 10/10.
When Can I See You Again deserves a 9.5/10.

This is the only good reason

12 Immortals is better than When Can I See You Again

It is the truth that Big Hero 6 is easily better than Wreck-It Ralph, but Immortals and When Can I See Again? songs equally awesome!

What? That is totally not true. And why are we comparing Immortals to the end credit song anyway?

Because immortals is actually part of the movie,jeez,learn wreck it Ralph is great to

13 No Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures Characters

What's wrong with pac-man? I love pac-man lots of my friends and family do an I think big hero 6 should have pac-man in it just to make it a better movie

Um, nobody mentioned that game/show ONCE in the entire movie. They used the original Pac-Man, which is much, much better.

14 Sonic the Hedgehog Appeared In Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck it ralph was a good movie the only reason I hated it was that dumbass hedgehog was in it.

I hate Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is not stupid

That's a good thing! and big hero 6 didnthave any good video game hcaracters

Why in the EARTH would Big Hero 6 ever have a video game character?!?!

15 Not a lot of crass humor

One bothering thing about Wreck-it was how crass it was. I still liked it but Big Hero 6 had A LOT less.

16 More Action

LIER,ralph had a lot more

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