Reasons Why Big Kids are Better Than Little Kids

12 year olds are the best! While the bratty 3-4-5-6-7 year olds are crybabies.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Big Kids are Better Than Little Kids

1 Big kids don't throw temper tantrums

My brother threw a big tantrum because I wanted to listen to queen but he keeps on replacing the cds in my player with justin beiber good thing he just puts them on the shelf because if threw away my things I would get mad

Unless they are autistic, autistic people usually have meltdowns and tantrums but their chance of growing out of it is very rare, especially if they are lower on the spectrum. For neurotypical people, they have a higher chance of growing out of them.

But when you get older you will actually wish you was a little kid again.

12 year olds are the best; I agree with that but I don't agree with the thing I'm commenting on

I agree. All of us were little once (or are little now, going through tantrums and exploring the world. So this list is kind of messed up to everyone

2 Big kids will mature sooner

That's because time goes in a linear fashion. I can tell you times when "Big Kids" threw tantrums, cried for silly reasons, and acted immature as well. I used to act this way when I was young as well, but why do kids from the age of let's say 10-14, have to call them selves superior to younger kids. Sure kids of of that age are more grown up than let's say kids who are 8 or younger. As well, why do kids at that age feel like they have to grow up so bad. I tell you man, I'm 18, and turning 19 this march, and I can tell you adulthood is not what you think it is, I have to manage my own budget, and bank account, even though I do not currently have a job, or has ever had one as of writing this, but I know I will have to get one at least fairly soon, and I often have to take myself to and from the community college I attend. You should really be enjoying this time as it lasts. In fact, you making fun of younger kids, and talking about them like you're so much more superior to them, makes ...more

'Big kids' should already be past maturity. Otherwise there's no point in calling them big. - TwilightKitsune

Like little kids can do anything about that

True.Most people begin going through puberty between the ages of 10 and 14 and I am 12 and I know I am going through puberty.Also kids aged 11-15(Preteens and younger teenagers) are the coolest and I am glad to be part of his age group.-LitSavage

3 Little kids cry for the tiniest reasons

I am autistic and I still cry over the smallest things such as having to wait, not getting what I want, and losing games. Another friend of mine is also autistic and he has a weird obsession with Russia. When Russia in the 2018 World Cup lost the quarter-finals against Croatia, he just threw a massive temper tantrum and meltdown. His parents are like, "You need to behave yourself, the Russian players didn't throw a fit when they lost, they look okay. They may be upset on the inside, but they don't show it because that's rude. You can't always win. A team you support doesn't always win and they are still okay." He also hates other non-autistic boys in his class because they are so loud and silly that he has to wear headphones when passing them and sitting near them at lunch. They always make fun of him say, "Why are you wearing headphones? " For some reason, he likes to hang out with girls more because they are more mature and well-behaved. I'm guessing it's because of how rowdy the ...more

I know quite a number of 'big kids' who throw tantrums and cry over miniscule things - TwilightKitsune

Not all little kids are like this
Some big kids will get upset over the littlest drama things too

What do you expect? You want a 7 year old to go up to their moms, sipping a cup of tea saying “I love you mother, and yes I will eat that cabbage.” No, because they’re not mature yet (not even close), so yes it seems like they cry for the tiniest reasons but THEY ARE LITTLE

4 Little kids whine like crazy

And big kids complain like crazy

Yes this is so true. Half the time I heard kids whining. - AlphaQ

5 Little kids always suck at games

I was that One Call of Duty fanboy who seemed to fail at I'm a professional Grand Theft Auto V player. - AlphaQ

I was great at games when I was little - MegaSoulhero

I was good at games when I was little

I was good at Mario when I was a kid - TwilightKitsune

6 Big kids don't say mommy or daddy

But some teen girls say "daddy" and not even to their real father. Sry, I had to put that in here

I still call my parents mama and dada, or mommy and daddy.

They just say "Mum" and "Dad" - AlphaQ

Oh...I’m 14 and I call my parents Momma and Daddy.

7 Big kids play M rated games

My parents don't allow me to play rated M games or watch rated R movies. They say that they are too inappropriate. Also, the boys in my class are so loud and so immature that they are not setting a good example for the elementary school students. I am in grade 11 and they are in grade 11 and 12. They just want to grow up. They see that I love watching baby shows and they are like, "That's for babies", I, on the other hand, want to be a carefree little kid again for the rest of my life.

This is basically piplup's lists in a nutshell. Even dumber reasons like this one.

However, they still shouldn't play them. They're rated 17+ for a reason. - lamourieparkinson

Apparently 10 is little and apparently Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is M Rated. So I'll disagree with this. - AlphaQ

8 Big kids make love

Unless you live in Japan, no kids are old enough to make love. - Skullkid755


Yeah I make love with people's wives. - AlphaQ

Great way to give Pedo's the biggest Boner ever!

9 Big kids are almost to puberty

But Puberty sucks! People are the meanest when they just entered puberty, people made fun of each other so much when I was in middle school, especially people like me, it's not even funny, and every one is an animal at that age. Sure it gets better as you age, and you go further in puberty, but I'm glad I'm pretty much now through Puberty. I honestly nowadays prefer little kids, over Middle school aged kids, because at least Little Kids, are much Nicer than the animals that you can find at any middle school.

But puberty sucks

It honestly is so weird and it sucks

10 Big kids do not lie

*cough cough* - Pokemonfan10

If anything, they lie MORE than little kids. - lamourieparkinson

Really, because I knew quite a lot of "big kids" when I was in middle school, and fresh man year in high school who lied quite a bit. Hell, there even are Adults who lie quite a bit, just look at the current US president. This is one of the stupidest lists I've ever seen on this site.

Except at school

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11 Big kids are cooler

No little kids are cooler and more fun because they don't have responsibilities, they can do whatever they want and they don't have to go to school.

that's so true


12 Big kids are not picky eaters

*Cough* me - Unnamed Google User Remade

Not true, the daughter of my dad’s girlfriend is 13 and she hates almost everything. - DrayTopTens

The only exception is my 19 year old sister

13 Big kids are closer to independence.

Not the ones with overprotective parents. My mom is overprotective of me and I am NEVER allowed to do stuff like use the stove or go out in public alone as a teen. I’m now 26 and she STILL doesn’t allow me to do them :(

14 Little kids do not kill

Really, because that would more be a reason why little kids are better than big kids. Because ending the life of another human being is a horrible crime.

15 Big kids cry during more serious reasons

Eg. death, pain, guilt, anger, etc

16 American little kids say "Cooties"

I am 9 and I've even grown outta this - TheAwesomeDude54

17 Little kids have fewer responsibilities

This belongs to a list called “Why being a big kid is worse than being a little kid”

18 Have more knowledge

What do you expect? Little kids have only lived for about 7 years and you expect them to have lots of knowledge? The logic in this list doesn’t make sense to me

19 Big kids are more well behaved

For example during family parties all the little kids run around the house and throw toys while the older kids (teen and up) sit there and eat, play on their devices, watch T.V. or draw.

20 Little kids beg and whine while big kids politely make requests
21 Big kids can tolerate pain
22 Big kids are good role models
23 Big kids are not lazy
24 Big kids are more responsible
25 Big kids do not annoy people
26 Little kids say mummy and daddy
27 Big kids can write their name, count, know the alphabet.
28 Little kids hate kissing
29 Little kids had recess
30 Big kids have more self-control
31 Big kids are more calm and peaceful while little kids are hyper
32 Big kids are more polite

I’m wwwaaayyy politer then my 7yr old sis

33 Big kids make requests and do not beg
34 Big kids can be trusted more
35 Big kids take good care of their possessions while little kids destroy them
36 Big kids can take care of pets
37 Big kids have abs
38 Big kids have more hygiene

Big kids ALWAYS cover their coughs and sneezes. Little kids NEVER do that.

39 Big kids are brave while little kids are scared of everything
40 Big kids do not run around annoying other guests during parties or family gatherings
41 Big kids study more

For example while we all have homework the older kids review and study more while little kids just go on to play without going over it.

42 Big kids have more moral judgments

I know what's right and what's wrong. My cousins do bad stuff and think that it's acceptable to do those things.

43 Big kids are more peaceful
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