Top 10 Reasons Why "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing" Is Terrible

This is probably the worst game ever made and this is why: IT IS COMPLETELY UNFINISHED!

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1 You're Winner !

Although "You're Winner", Big Rigs Over The Road Racing is LOSER!

Sometimes it shows up before the "race" starts: you have won the contest of not driving. - TheLister

A later release changed this to "You Win! ", though. - drdevil

They should've came with something else like “You're the winner! " or “You're a winner! " - Croy987

2 If You Go Backwards, You Will Go from 0 to Omg MPH In a Very Short Amount of Time

I think it is faster than the speed of light. - TheLister


Traveling at 12.3*(10^36) MPH in REVERSE? The speed of light is only 670636800 MPH (=186288 miles per second)!

3 You Can Drive Through Anything Possible V 1 Comment
4 The Title Is Misleading: It Should Be Big Rigs Under or Between the Road Driving

Or Big Rigs Going Through Everything and Going Faster Than Light Racing While Also Leaving the Games World Must Be Rated W for Waste of Time Racing.
Just so you know, I didn't know about this game until I watched Angry Video Game Nerd's review. - Skullkid755

Or "big rigs straight-through-the-bridge racing" - username34

It should be called Big Rigs through the wall racing - Sparkjolt

5 You're Opponent Doesn't Move, So It's Not Racing: You Win Every Time

In other versions, the opponent moves, but it stops immediately before the "race" ends, meaning "you're winner" forever, still. - TheLister

You should have put "Your opponent doesn't move, so it's not racing: You're winner every time".

Because everyone must be winner. - username34

6 The Cover Shows a Truck Being Chased by the Police, But There Is Absolutely No Police at All

Yeah that's a really weird thing about it. - username34

V 1 Comment
7 There Is Only 5 Levels, 4 of Which Work Without Crashing After Selecting It
8 Nightride Doesn't Work
9 The Truck Is Ugly
10 There Is No Soundtrack: The Only Noise Is the Truck's Engine

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11 Super Mario Is Not In the Game

I think I know who added this

With that logic, EVERY game without Mario is terrible. - drdevil

Really -_- I agree with the list but not ALL games should have super mario in them

12 The truck is anchored to the ground; absolutely no air time

The trucks don't actually come off the ground at all. If you went up a steep, one sided ramp with a flat backside, it would go up the ramp, then drive straight down the other end. Or vice versa. - username34

13 The Graphics Are Awful and Unrealistic

I can create better looking taillights by pasting two orange circles on the back of the truck. - Skullkid755

Pretty awful even for 2003. - drdevil

14 You Can Drive In the Void

I think that Big Rigs takes place about 5000 years in the future due to the fact that people seem to be driving their semi trucks through the air. - username34

15 The Truck On the Cover Is Not Even the One You Play
16 The Game Had Music But None of it is Actually Programmed to Play in the Game
17 Glitchy graphics

This "racing game" was probably programmed by the Glitch Gremlin.

18 The mountains don't slow you down

Driving UP a mountain at a 90-degree angle?!

19 Ridiculously false advertising
20 It Is Boring
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1. If You Go Backwards, You Will Go from 0 to Omg MPH In a Very Short Amount of Time
2. You're Winner !
3. You Can Drive Through Anything Possible
1. You're Winner !
2. You Can Drive Through Anything Possible
3. If You Go Backwards, You Will Go from 0 to Omg MPH In a Very Short Amount of Time



The Angry Outlaw Episode #7 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
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