Top 10 Ways Black Butler is Better Than Teen Titans Go

The Top Ten

1 Superior Animation
2 Black Butler Knows How to Be Funny or Dark

Black Butler actually made me cry once, Teen Titans Go makes me pissed off.

3 People Love Black Butler

Just look at the scores/ratings on IMDB and compare them.

4 Better Character Designs
5 Alois Trancy is a Better Brat Than All of the Titans
6 The Characters are Actually Very Hot/Cute

Grell, Ciel, and Sebastian are the hottest characters in the anime in my books!

7 It Isn't Offensive to Fans
8 Teen Titans Go is Overrated, Black Butler is Underrated
9 Teen Titans Go Wants to Be an Anime So Bad
10 Sebastian Protects Ciel, Robin Doesn't Care About His Team Mates

The Contenders

11 Has Better Villains

Yeah true

12 Black Butler Has More Likable Characters
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