Top 10 Reasons Why Black Metal is Better Than Christian Rock

Black metal is the one true music we should all listen to! Not that Christ worshipping drool those pathetic Christians listen to. LISTEN TO SOME REAL MUSIC FROM THE REAL GOD!!!

The Top Ten

1 Black Metal is Actually a Genre of Music

You can tell it's different from other metal genres. Christian rock is not even a genre! It's just rock music with stupid Christian lyrics

2 Black Metal is Raw

It has more balls than Christian rock will ever have!

3 Black Metal Doesn't Worship God or Christ

That's what makes it cool! Who would wanna worship two tyrants in heaven anyway?

4 Black Metal is Faster

The fastest metal genre. Way more energenic than slow and boring Christian music.

5 Black Metal is More Rebellious

I don't know if you're serious, But you're giving black metal a bad name...Most of black metal bands don't even give any emphasis on Satanism. - Ananya

Bastardizing the lord and burning down churches. What's not to love?

6 Black Metal Has More Variety

It incorporates elements of death metal, doom metal, folk, symphony, industrial, thrash metal and punk. Christian rock has no artists at all.

7 Black Metal Doesn't Always Revolve Around One Topic

The bands in this genre also have songs centering around paganism, folklore, mythology, and many other cultural beliefs. Christian rockers just stick to their own beliefs and don't deviate.

8 More People Like Black Metal

We live in a time where Christianity is finally dying and that more people are getting into black metal. It's about time!

9 Black Metal Artists Aren't Afraid to Believe in Whatever They Want to Believe

Christians are always scared that they'll end up in Hell for not accepting Jesus as their lord and savior. BULLCRAP! Most black metal musicians aren't afraid to change their beliefs because they know that Christianity isn't the true religion!

10 Christian Rock is Boring

Some of the most boring music I've ever heard...

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