Top 10 Reasons Why Black Metal is a Terrible Music Genre

Black Metal is a awful music genre. Here's ten reasons why it's a terrible genre. If you like Black Metal that's fine just don't start fights.

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1 No variety

While people can quote the leading bands with original sound, there are lots and lots of bands that do nothing else but copy one band or the other, both aesthetically and musically, not striving at all to bring something new but to re-record their gorgoroth or dark funeral favorite albums

Sorry but this is extremely wrong.

You have bands like Agalloch and early-Ulver that blend black metal with neo-folk. Burzum made the first ever black-ambient record with Filosofem. Bands like Darkthrone and Satyricon mixed black metal with a more traditional/speed metal style with their later albums. You got bands like Leviathan who mix black metal with doom metal, or Deafheaven who do it in a sort of post-metal way.

People think black metal is just a dumb primitive genre, but in reality it's one of the most experimental genres out there. - IronSabbathPriest

This is just a huge huge misconception that society has rammed down your throats... - Arhaan95

There's no variety in this genre at all.

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2 The vocals are atrocious

What do you expect after making a decision to listen to BLACK METAL? A catchy tune with auto-tuned vocals? This is BLACK METAL - the name itself sounds gloomy and uninviting that it just takes a little bit of brainwork to comprehend it's significance. It's supposed to sound ghastly and ear-bleeding, while the emphasis is placed on the atmosphere, and not vocals.. - Arhaan95

I dislike the vocals but that's subjective

Just as bad as Death Metal vocals.

Exactly.I don't know how people like this crap.-LitSavage

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3 The instrumentation is terrible

Black metal is known for the fastest metal genre. But ironically, most of the times black metal guitarists aren't on fastest guitarists. I won't say they are talentless or don't give any effort into black metal. But in the end, its just only rhythm guitar. - zxm

Stop with this nonsensical reasons...just because some so and so isn't able to understand the complexity of the instrumentations that's involved in this genre doesn't mean you can vomit garbages out of the mouths... - Arhaan95

I can at least tolerate Death Metal instrumentaition but Black Metal instrumentation is GODAWFUL.

4 None of the bands stand out at all

Heavy Metal bands might sound similar to each other but at least they stand out from each other.

5 All of the lyrics are about the same thing

Because modern pop and rap have a lot of variety in its lyrics - jkk

Yes, SAAATAN...Now, bugger off. - Vip3r

OK! who is forcing you to listen to BLACK metal... Black metal was not created to to consumed by the masses..Better you do some history lesson or research regarding Black Metal and its roots. - Arhaan95

Even Ronnie James Dio didn't like black metal. His lyrics were dark and deep. But he said, "I wouldn't go that extreme". - zxm

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6 The growling is even worse than Death Metal growling

I've already heard how bad bands like Cannibal Corpse can get but DAMN is the growling terrible.

7 It created the infamous "Metal is Satanic" stereotype

It was not meant to be satanic when it was created... - Merkwurdigliebe

Untrue. That stereotype has been around since before Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast album. Before black metal. - IronSabbathPriest

One hell of a accomplishment.


8 The themes for the genre are awful

OK! Black Metal should have themes regarding love, breakups, getting boyfriends/girlfriends, Sex, Drugs blah blah with ridiculously fast blast beats...A birth of a new genre BLACK POP METAL... what people don't understand is that the essence of black Metal and its not for everyone and only the willing will delve into it.. mostly the ones who have experienced an unjust traumatic life,.. - Arhaan95

Almost as bad as Death Metal themes.

They are just the same crap about Satan,death,torture,killing and blood.Black Metal was even used as a term for satanic metal.Look it up.-DarkBoi-X

Depends on the band

9 It's not creative in the slightest

I've heard more creativity from hair metal bands and that's SAYING something...

Read my comment on no variety. - IronSabbathPriest

10 There's no effort in the genre

No variation no creativity at all can be found in this genre.


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