Top 10 Reasons Why Black Metal is a Terrible Subgenre to Start with If You're New to Metal

Similar to my list of Reasons Why Death Metal is a Terrible Subgenre to Start With If You're New to Metal. I don't hate black metal, but just like death metal, I don't think it's appropriate for beginners.

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1 Satanic Lyrics

Not all of it is satanic. In fact a lot of it is folky. Only real reason it's not good for beginners is the unclean singing. And I think people who base the quality of music on lyrical themes are stupid. (Not you, Aragon) - IronSabbathPriest

@IronSabbathPriest-Thanks. And I know not all black metal is satanic. I didn't have time to add comments explaining it wasn't cause I was in a rush. - Aragorn98

2 Theistic Satanists
3 Animal Cruelty
4 Church Burnings

I honestly don't see how burning churches would make listening to black metal music harder. Would it be more difficult to understand Ted Nugent's music only because he's a hunter and kills animals in his life outside music? No. His songs are the same. "Cat Scratch Fever" sounded the same to me before and after I learned about his private life. - Metal_Treasure

5 Explicit Lyrics
6 Neo-Nazis
7 Murderers
8 Racists
9 Unclean Singing

Probably the only relevant item on the list that should have been #1 and not #10. All other things aren't related to black metal music. Moreover, they aren't related to music itself.
Besides, many non-metal musicians are racists, murderers, homophobes, and so on.
Long ago I made a list where you can see many interesting things - Top 10 Musicians Who Killed Someone - Metal_Treasure

10 Homophobes

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11 Lo-fi (raw) Recording
12 Tremolo Picking Tremolo Picking
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