Top 10 Reasons Why Blaze the Cat Haters Should Go to Prison

I LOVE Blaze the Cat, and I will lock up anyone who hates her.

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1 I hate Blaze haters.

TwilightKitsune, you screwed your good idea up by using the word own instead of personal and saying everyone should their "own Opinions" is not how opinions work nor how life works unless if it is a different opinion I'd say everyone should their personal opinions instead of own opinions to be accurate and not biased.

OK then, by that logic, all A Bug's Life haters should go to prison because I love A Bug's Life. Grow up, whoever made this list. - Hanjax70

I love Blaze too, but I don't want her haters to go to prison. I think everyone should have their own opinions. Please don't make lists like these. Anyway, learn to respect and make better lists in the future Connor Banjoper. - TwilightKitsune

This user can’t take any criticism.

2 It should be illegal to hate Blaze.

If you actually want it to be illegal to hate Blaze the Cat, go to North Korea or Cuba then.

That is just laughable, I can't stop laughing, so hating Blaze is a crime now? Not. So it is illegal to have opinions? Is it illegal to have freedom of speech? Totally not. This is an absolutely ridiculous list man.

It should be illegal to like sonic characters

With this logic it should be illegal to have an opinion! - BoredJeff02

3 Blaze never did anything to anyone.

Really? She beat sonic because her selfishness.

Nothing. If Modern Amy Rose were real, she would treat me the same way she treats Sonic the Hedgehog (the worst worst part is that she furiously accused someone who is much more diligent and likeable than she is for doing what she forced him to do). So screw Modern Amy Rose.

What did they ever do to you? Share an opinion? - DCfnaf

And Blaze haters never did anything to you. What a hypocritical item. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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4 Blaze haters are stupid.

Well, then so are Shade haters. Blaze the Cat have two things in common. One of them is that they are both the best female SEGA characters. Two is that they could both be members of "Team Light".- The Ultimate Daredevil

Well this is a stupid reason on this list - christangrant

Jee, I wonder why are You are pretending to be 16, It was more like you are Negative 16.

Well, feel free to have the different opinions anyways. They're just opinions, but still.

5 Blaze hates Blaze haters.

She's a fictional character, even if she was real she wouldn't care about her haters. - Hanjax70

Even if Blaze was real, the haters obviously hate her, so they wouldn't care what she thinks of them!

How do you know that?

So? Plus I'm pretty sure a character from a sonic game doesn't exist so how the hell would you know - christangrant

6 Blaze haters are annoying.

I'm helping Blaze the Cat and most other main Sonic characters for the same reasons you do. Team Rose is overrated, Blaze the Cat is severely underrated. I formerly said that Blaze the Cat was overrated twice and it caused u to respond just because I always preferred Classic Sonic aspects over Modern Sonic aspects. Blaze the Cat is an honorable mention on my list of Sonic characters, even though I am prepared to put her on the top 10s with Shade the Echidna (as "Team Light" which could have Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog and Shade the Echidna as the three members of it) because they are both specially capable, badass chicks. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I understand that some hatedoms may be annoying, but you have to respect their opinions, we all think differently. And how about you making this list, hmm? Learn how to respect opinions. Don't go off making immature lists like this.

They hate Blaze the Cat for being a strong, independent female character insted of a Mary Sue which she was originally seen as.

And you aren't? - Neonco31

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7 Blaze haters are inconsiderate.

Great, now you're acting just like Disney1994 - Neonco31

Says the person who obssesses over a cartoon Cat from a Sonic game - christangrant

Wow, so you get easily butthurt if anyone hates Blaze? How are Blaze haters inconsiderate? Learn to take opinions, there.

8 They furiously diss opinions

Says the person who made this list called "Top 10 Reasons Why Blaze the Cat Haters Should Go to Prison" - christangrant

Like you aren't doing the same thing, huh? Hypocritical, you are basically doing the same thing you claim they are doing. Right now you are dissing and disrespecting the opinions of Blaze haters.

What? You too diss their opinions. Me as an RD fan, never went overboard with someone hating what I like. I once made a joke on wikia about another character being cooler than her and some people there joked about me being blasphemous but I didn't mind, I knew they were just joking and why can't you do something like what I did, being more calm and collected? - Neonco31

The hypocrisy is real - christangrant

9 Blaze is not one of Sonic's friends.

If she does hate Sonic, why is she in Sonic Generations helping set up the birthday party? - Ultron123

And I'm losing a lot of respect for you. Blaze is a fictional character. She's not your wife or girlfriend. She's not even real. And since your so much of a lunatic and believe you are the god of Blaze, I'd take your so called knowledge as a grain of salt. - Ultron123

10 She is better than most other female Sonic characters

Blaze is a good character and I don't hate her, but I know that she has flaws too. - Hanjax70

I love Blaze the Cat, but I am also aware of her flaws (such as she never really smiles in the games, she goes to her best friends too much and she has a sisterly friendship/arch-rivalry with a female character, and das it). I would put "She is the greatest female Sonic character", but there is Classic Sally Acorn, Barbs the Koala and Shade the Echidna.

Opinions! - Neonco31

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11 Blaze is nice.
12 Blaze haters are self-centered.

Like this list is not self-centered and the one who made it only cares about their own opinion and not on respecting others.

So does this kid here - Neonco31

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