Top 10 Reasons Why Blaze the Cat Should Have Her Own Series

A brief list about why Blaze the Cat should have her own series.

The Top Ten

1 People like Blaze.
2 It might be a fun spinoff
3 Blaze's better than everyone else in the Sonic series.

I love her! Nice list Conner Banjoper - TwilightKitsune

YES! FINALLY WE GIVE BLAZE WHAT SHE DESERVES! As long as the Sonic series, the Mario series, FNAF series, and more are still here, I'LL TAKE THIS BLAZE THE CAT SERIES! - Ultron123

4 No one can beat Blaze in "Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games".
5 Blaze is cute.
6 Blaze is lavender.
7 Blaze's friends with a raccoon.
8 Blaze's a cat.
9 Blaze has better powers than Sonic.
10 Blaze has a sweet voice.

Not only that, but she could be fully naked by exposing her thick, feminine thighs, white skin and circular buttocks. >8D - The Ultimate Daredevil to ConnorBanjoper

The Contenders

11 Blaze is in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.
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