Reasons Why Blood On the Dance Floor is Better Than Metallica


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1 Blood on the Dance Floor makes real music

This guy/girl hatred towards rock music has gone way too far... - ZeroBlaster

There is no such thing as "real music" and also I listened to BOTDF and they had only 1 good song and that was Rise and Shine.Metallica's songs are kinda good.So Metallica is kinda better.-LitSavage

Better than Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, which are crap. Its also better than Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne which are not crap, but great artists, but not as good as BOTDF. - BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo

Grow up, and please listen to REAL music, not garbage music from a mockery of music. - TheDarkOne_221b

All music is real music. no contest here. but this is one of the stupidest, laziest trolls I've come across. - RecklessGreed

2 Metallica always made garbage music

You make garbage lists - TwilightKitsune

Agreed, this list is garbage and Blood on the Puke floor make garbage music - TheDarkOne_221b

Remember Garbage Inc.? - BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo

3 Blood on the Dance Floor has great lyrics

Who doesn't like dancing with blood on the floor? - Therandom

Its on like donkey kong, On, On, On like donkey kong! - BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo

4 Metallica Collaborated with Lulu

At least there are people that like them enough to collaborate with them. - 3DG20

You mean Lou Reed right?! - Himalayansalt

I don't know what to say about this, welp, I gotta go. - AnimeDrawer

5 Metallica has terrible lyrics

At least they write about more than sex and partying. I don’t see Blood On The Dance Floor ever doing that. - 3DG20

Frantic, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tock, I am the table! I am the Table! Thissucksation, We'regarbageation, Iamatableation! Franticticktockation! Thisisstupidation! Compromise. - BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo

6 Nobody likes Metallica

Yeah, Metallica is only one of the best-selling bands ever. How many people do you know like Blood On The Dance Floor other than yourself again? - 3DG20

Nobody likes Blood on the Dance Floor.

I saw a list one time saying why Metallica Sucks - BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo

Well BOTDf has more haters than fans while Metallica has more fans than haters and more fans than BOTDF.-DarkBoi-X

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7 BOTDF wrote "It's On Like Donkey Kong", the best song ever

No, it’s the best song for you. No idea how but speak for yourself and people that actually agree, not the entire world, k? - 3DG20

8 Metallica wrote "One" of the worst songs ever

Congratulations for becoming troll of the month! Too bad, though, you're just as boring as the last one and you'll sizzle out in about 5 days or more. - Swellow

Either this is a huge troll or this person hasn't checked the lists on this websites - Himalayansalt

That's not one of the worst songs ever, it's actually quite good. There's 1000x worse in the world.

9 James Hetfield is Weird and sings terribly

And blood on the dance floor can't sing without a bucket load of autotune - Himalayansalt

Blood On The Dance Floor’s singer is a pedophile and doesn’t even sing. He/she/whatever it is just relies on autotune. - 3DG20

James Hetfield was an alcoholic but he's a great singer and he at least doesn't RAPE young girls. Even Lars the douche's better than BOTDF.

10 Lars Ulrich is a terrible drummer

So? Blood On the Dance Floor members are not only terrible musicians, but terrible people. - 3DG20

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