Top Ten Reasons Why Bloom from Winx Club is Better Than Hiccup from the How to Train Your Dragon Series

I like How to Train Your Dragon, but I think Winx Club is just a tiny bit better. Besides, Bloom is more powerful anyway!

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1 Hiccup has to ride dragons, but Bloom has a dragon living inside her

That doesn't have anything to do with the franchise. She has a dragon living inside of her, so what? That doesn't make the movies or series more interesting, and that certainly has nothing to do with how good or bad the franchise did. If we actually are comparing the characters, I'd say that Hiccup may not have special powers, but he actually convinced the whole tribe that dragons aren't bad at all. He did that from scratch and became the first viking to ever train a dragon and what he created, he worked for it, unlike Bloom who had the whole fairy thing handed to her. It's not like people who have special powers are better than those who don't. - ReinaDAmore

Okay, I voted this just to comment. HOW THE HECK IS THIS A REASON?! Well, in my opinion, Bloom is too powerful, which isn't a good thing for me. Hiccup didn't just RIDE dragons. He did TRAIN them. I'd say he's a LOT better, and also not just because of that. The reasons on this list literally make no sense. It's my opinion though, sorry if this is offensive to you and other Winx Club fans. - randompersonhi

This is the biggest reason on this list. Bloom can do so much things with her power, but not Hiccup. Hiccup has to control the dragons and they only be nice to him by will, which means they could easily scorch up his house in a matter of seconds. The dragons in How to Train Your Dragon could easily do that, but they simply choose not to because they know the consequences. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That just proves hiccup is harder working than lazy bloom.

Hiccup nearly died for his best friend. Is that not enough? When has Bloom ever done that - ReinaDAmore

2 Bloom's BF is better than Hiccup's GF

No way! If you think Astrid isn't as good as sky then you suk - coolguy101

If you're going to denigrate somebody, at least use proper spelling and grammar. - Synchronocity


Sky is a prince from a wealthy and successful kingdom. That girl Hiccup is dating just seems…boring, stereotypical, and unconnected. (Whatever "unconnected" means…#Dontusethespellingsuggestionsunlessyoureallyknowwhatthewordmeans) - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That girl, Astrid, is the strongest warrior on Berk and that every girl should look up to her as a role model. Sure, she may be slightly competitive at times, but she is smart and caring. She may have a bit of anger issues but she does everything in her power to protect everyone she loves and cares about. I wouldn't call her stereotypical and boring - ReinaDAmore

3 Bloom is a princess

And Hiccup's chief of Berk. Your point? - ReinaDAmore

So being a princess makes you better cartoon character? - randompersonhi

She has wealthy parents and does good to the Magic Dimension that diminishing the stereotype of "bratty spoiled rich girl". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Donal trump is a president. - Not_A_Weeaboo

4 Winx Club has better villains than How to Train Your Dragon

Grimmel wanted to rid the entire world of dragons, to 'cleanse' the world, nearly costed Hiccup his life. Nobody can beat that - ReinaDAmore

That means the Winx have had better boss fights than HTTYD. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Drago wants to commit genocide. U think some stupid fairy can beat that! - coolguy101

Well Alvin the Treacherous wants to kill all the dragons along with three 14 year olds and be a dictator. - coolguy101

5 Fairies are more civilized than Vikings

Then, that takes the fun out of it. Your point? - ReinaDAmore

So your telling me that Having, the most annoying character in gaming, is better than Hiccup just fix she's a fairy. - coolguy101

This actually disproves your point. Hiccup being a Viking is better than being a stupid gammon fairy. - coolguy101

That's whats GREAT about them! Boring pretty fairies?!? NO WAY

6 Bloom's friends have more different powers and more sets than Hiccup's friends

Having more powers doesn't mean that they are any better than the Dragon Riders. Hiccup and his friends use strategies and different tactics to defeat their enemies. Sure, they might have powerful fire-breathing war machines, but they earned their trust in order to have them on their side and they won't be tentative to protect their dragons, unlike Bloom, who has everything handed to her - ReinaDAmore

Let's see her friend's powers: Music, water, technology, animals, nature, The Moon and Sun, magic, hand-to-hand combat, swords, nymph, magical rods, and much much more.
Now, let's see his friend's powers: Flying machine, fire, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons, dragons.

I think you already see the big difference in powers. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Then Bloom is way to perfect and Hiccup is a modest and normal Dragon.

Bloom is lazy then. - coolguy101

7 Bloom is more powerful

Idc if she has more powers. - randompersonhi

Your point? - ReinaDAmore

Haha lol your point sucks - coolguy101

Bloom is WAY too perfect.
Bloom is a mary sue - MLPFan

8 Bloom has fought more battles

The Dragon Riders had to fight the Dragon Hunters and Dagur all the time. They fought Viggo by using tactful strategies. They also fought the Red Death, Alvin, Drago, Grimmel and all the other baddies. Plus, they nearly had to fight some dragons that mistook them for Dragon Hunters in every episode. Yet, they never gave up and still worked together as a collective and tactfully defeated or made peace with them - ReinaDAmore

Winx is a T.V. SERIES.

Of course HTTYD would have less fight scenes to fit in the movie duration while not leaving plot holes or important moments.

Again, Winx is a T.V. series. And has too many episodes and seasons. They can have more fight scenes because they have lots of episodes so they can add more fight scenes without leaving any plot holes or throwing non fight scenes.

But to be honest, HTTYD is a lot better than Winx. I used to hate HTTYD back at 2014 but I gave the movies another chance and I began to like it more and more, realizing it's not as bad as I thought. Hiccup was a great protagonist, he had ups and downs, skills and flaws. Unlike Bloom who gets everything and hardly has problems in her life, and even If she did, It's because the bad guys are jealous of her or because like the typical mary sue, she can't hear anyone because of her tragic past.

I hope you won't be offended by this but I personally think that HTTYD is a ...more - MLPFan

Those vikings only fought 2 or 3, at least from my memory. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

They fight a battle in 99% of episodes - coolguy101

9 Bloom is richer

And does that make her any better? - ReinaDAmore

My review (I don't mean to upset you)1.It kinda means Bloom is just lazy to acquire an ability2.No Astrid is the BEST (Not seriously but is compared to Winx club characters)3.So Elsa is a queen/princess is she a good character4.All characters of winx club are stupid5.The uncivilized are the best6.They're fairies with lame powers7.She is a fairy born with those powers anyway her powers are lame8. She is in a SHOW with many episodes9.Gold digger10. Technology isn't everything so get a life if your sitting on a coach with a phone

Just because she's richer doesn't mean she's better - MLPFan

Hiccup is a Viking. I don't think money existed 1100 years ago. - coolguy101

Crappy reason. Even I know that there was a marketplace in the movies - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 She has a sister

That has nothing to do with how she is - ReinaDAmore

Shut up I am an only child like Hiccup and being an only child is awesome. Bloom probably had gay incest with Daphne. - coolguy101

That doesn't really matter, tbg - MLPFan

Bloom has a great sister she even sacrafies herself hate the bloom haters nothing Wrong with bloom she's an awesome chariter

The Contenders

11 Hiccup's world is not technologically advanced

They live in the Viking world, not in the 21st Century. And he actually makes and invents things, such as the Inferno, his not-your-average shield, his flight suit and not to mention, Toothless' tail. He thinks outside the box, resulting in a terror mail/ airmail. Bloom didn't invent the cellphone or any technological stuff she uses, which doesn't make her any better - ReinaDAmore

What do they live in? The 1800's? They live so old, almost like the future will never exist. But in Winx Club, Bloom has a way better time period. She can travel from planet to planet in the Magic Dimension, and the planets Zenith and Magix are helping a lot of that. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

He's a Viking! Of course his world isn't going to be technologically advanced. Shows how lazy bloom must be. - coolguy101

So they have way more creative Ideas. Bloom snaps her fingers and gets what she wants the spoiled brat!

12 Winx Club has better theme songs

I haven't actually heard the httyd theme song but I'm guessing it's like this:
Hiccup! Hiccup! Astrid! As-astrid! That other guy's name I can't remember! They go together! (Together! ) on a quest! (Quest! )
And I'm guessing that httyd just has the same theme song for the whole series (Boring! ) Now, Winx Club has better theme songs and different ones for each season. And they have ending songs! They are good! There's different theme songs for different dubs. And the season one theme song first 4 lines has an inspirational quote.
Season 1
Close your eyes
and open your heart
Believe in yourself
That's how it starts...

Season 5
We're the Winx! Girl Powers gonna save the day! Rising up from the earth to the sky (Ah-ah-ah) That's the way we roll (That's the way we roll)...
Season 6
Here we go, Here we fly
Sparkle wings way up high
Where the rainbows and the stars align...

And Winx Club has not one, but TWO spinoffs, World of Winx and ...more

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