Reasons Why Bob's Burgers is Better Than Family Guy


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1 Unlike Family Guy, Bob's Burgers isn't racist

They may make dirty jokes in Bob's Burgers, but Bob's Burgers doesn't do racist jokes. - miiplaza

2 Tina doesn't exist to be abused like Meg

Okay, Meg Fanboys, That's enough. - kcianciulli

3 Bob's Burgers did a better parody than Family Guy's Star Wars Parody

The Game of Thrones parody was better than the crappy Family Guy parody in "Star Wars" - miiplaza

4 It doesn't overuse jokes
5 The characters are not as bad as Family Guy's characters
6 It doesn't kill off characters to upset the fans
7 Despite their flaws, the family actually loves each other.

Despite Gene and Bob almost killing each other in "Beefsquatch", and Louise and Linda's argument in "Mother Daughter Razor Laser" about the mother daughter seminar, they still love each other and wouldn't do anything to abuse one another, unlike Family Guy. - miiplaza

8 The creator isn't a jerk

MacFarlane really isn't a jerk, he's just too heavily focused on satire. - kcianciulli

9 It doesn't promote animal abuse

No, the cow dying isn't animal abuse. The cow was probably old, or it actually did get hit by the car. But yes, beating up Brian is animal abuse, considering Brian is a dog. Also the episode where that kid beats up the "Evil Monkey", if you guys have seen that. I didn't care to watch the whole episode. - miiplaza

10 It has relatable moments unlike Family Guy

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11 Justin Bieber isn't in Bob's Burgers

Really? - kcianciulli

12 It’s funnier
13 Bob is a more likable than Peter

Bob actually cares about his family, Peter doesn't. - kcianciulli

14 Bob is smarter than Peter
15 Bobs Burgers shows a healthy family better than Family Guy
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