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1 it is inappropriate

I've never even heard of that show. But it does sound like a terrible one. I'm NOT watching this anytime soon. - cosmo

Cosmo, don't let curiosity take over. Boku No Pico is sent from hell's fires.

Thank goodness, I wasn't the only 13 year old who watched it out of curiosity. I strongly hope it's creator gets arrested. - styLIShT


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2 It is about 3 boys having sex

And nothing else happens. Plus they are underage. - ToukaKirishima

That is just too disgusting by all means.

Seriously, why does life even makes these things for us? - styLIShT

Absolutely disgusting in every way possible - PeeledBanana

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3 It is crappy

It should burn in heck - TwilightKitsune

I wouldn't use the word crappy, I would use the word, "satanic". - LaST_LiGHT

I'm scarred for life - ParkerFang

This show HORRIFIED me. - Goku02

4 It is a disgrace to Earth's kind

Yep. It certainly is. - Goku02

5 It is a slap in the face to anime

Do not show this to your friends! I highly recommend NOT watching Boku no Pico! Just the image on Wikipedia itself disgusted me! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Just purely a disgrace! - Powerfulgirl10

Even teen titans go is better than this - Adventurur2

6 There are better shows out there

Go watch Sword Art Online or Attack on Titan instead of Boku no Pico! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Go watch DBZ instead of this atrocious, disgusting, horrible, tasteless, abominable thing. - Goku02

Watch some good anime instead like Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, Attack on Titan, etc.

Of course, there are! - Crystalsnow

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7 It is disgusting

Pedophiles made this perverted sexual garbage.

So true, it's nothing more than disgusting! - Crystalsnow

8 It should be cancelled

Anyone who does a reboot will be arrested.

It has it only had three episodes 2006-2008.

9 Only a pedophile can create this anime

This should be #1 by far.

This is True, but the person who's made this crappy pedophile anime (or I says hentai) is deserved to go to jail.

True dat - BraveCrumb


10 It is creepy

Creepy? I think a more accurate term to describe Boku no Pico would be "horrifying". - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Creepy? More like, horrifying, traumatizing, perverted, crazy, you name it! - Powerfulgirl10

You call it creepy? More like cursed^creepy^torrential - styLIShT

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? It is made for pedophiles

Its for Herbert the Pervert.

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11 It is pure porno

Why porn was even created in the first place is beyond my knowledge! I see no use of it. - SelfDestruct

Porn is absolutely useless.

I don't get how my best friend is an avid fan of it...0_0 (eats a chocolate bar and shoots myself)

Porn is a scar in humanity. It's stupidl

12 It is a waste of time
13 It encourages pedophiles to act on their desires
14 Bland characters

All this crappy show focuses on is the porn. So the characters are bland and have no redeeming qualities

True! - Crystalsnow

15 Horrifying plot

More than a 10000000 percent true

16 It teaches kids to run around naked

"What the (bleep) were they thinking when they made this?! " said Angry Video Game Nerd - Gehenna

17 There is no plot

School Days may have had a messed up plot, but at least it was a plot (don't get me wrong, I still loathe School Days and I don't plan to watch it anytime soon). As for Boku no Pico, all I can say is, there is no plot. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 It teaches kids to become sleazy
19 It's the anime equivalent to Breadwinners

No..this makes breadwinners look watchable - Adventurur2

20 It is extremely cheesy
21 It's low budget

It’s so fuzzy

22 It's a Ripoff of 50 Shades of Grey

I will never read or watch 50 Shades of Grey, but are there pedo's in it?

23 It's Cringeworthy
24 No character development

3 episodes lol

25 It's pointless
26 Horrible message to kids
27 It's boring
28 It's evil
29 It's nasty
30 Kids Watch It
31 It's too predictable
32 It's weaboo bait
33 Barney the purple dino created this

No Max (the grown up) from The Tweenies did.
Barney sings silly songs.

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1. It is about 3 boys having sex
2. It is a disgrace to Earth's kind
3. It is a waste of time
1. it is inappropriate
2. It is about 3 boys having sex
3. It is crappy
1. It is a disgrace to Earth's kind
2. It is about 3 boys having sex
3. It is pure porno

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