Top Ten Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Movies


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21 Sometimes Movies Cut Out Some Details, Also Sometimes They Change Some of the Characters Traits

Where's the rulebook that says movie directors has to follow the books step by step? - movieman666

22 Books Provide the Background Information That Movies Can't Provide

Books are awesome

23 You Are Smarter If You Read Books

Better spelling

I hate spell check

Not necessarily - movieman666

That's heavily subjective. - PeeledBanana

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24 Books Describe the Characters' Emotions Better

A books character isn't someone 'acting' it's the person in their own right, they are themselves, they KNOW how to act out their own emotion. For one they're not getting payed to act out someone elses life/feelings. an actor can only ever portray a characters emotions not live them.

25 Books are Also Great Babysitters

Movies are Also Great Babysitters - movieman666

26 Longer Enjoyment

If you ask me what I want to do for you know, lets say two hours, and we can't go somewhere, then I would grab a blanket (or ice tea for the summer) and one of the Harry Potter books. The it could stretch over two hours, and probably filled the two hours.

Movies have more intense enjoyment - movieman666

27 Books Can Be More Exciting

Yes of course they are... I totally agree...

You can really understand whats happening, in movies it always a bit of a jumble of explotions and yelling, in books way more understandable when there is a fighting scene

Movies Can Be More Exciting - movieman666

28 Books Have All the Details that the Author Wants

Yes... But that's for a book.
A movie has all the details the author AND the director want. Plus since when does having everything the author want in a book make it better? If the author didn't have something go his/her way in a book we wouldn't know...

29 Books Hold More Memories

That is subjective - movieman666

I disagree - PeeledBanana

30 Anyone Can Make a Book but Only Directors Can Make Movies

Filter out the bad - movieman666

Yeah not everyone can be a director but anyone can make a book. That's y teachers teach story writing at school.

31 Movies Crush Your Brain

If read a book your brain gets stronger but if you watch tons of movies it's like a drug and is very bad for you

Source? - movieman666

32 Movies Fry Brain Cells

Books require more brainpower and are less dumb.

Source? - movieman666

33 Movie Theaters Can Be Cold, Loud, and Noisy You Can Read a Book In Your House Comfortably Cuddled On Your Couch In Silence.

Then maybe you can watch the movie at home? - PeeledBanana

But you can still watch a movie at home not in a thereafter

Who said you had to go to the theatre to watch a movie? - movieman666

But can u do it in silence

34 It Improves Our Knowledge

Since when did fictional stories improve our knowledge? - movieman666

35 Books Have Nice Covers

Movies Have Nice Covers - movieman666

Usually if you compare a dvd and a book a book would last longer

36 Books Don't Need Dumb Trailers

Both movies and books do advertising, in different ways of course - movieman666

Are you suggesting that all trailers are dumb? - PeeledBanana

By the way, T.V. is deadlier for adults' eyes than kids'.

37 Books Are More Convenient to Carry Around

iPad? - movieman666

38 Books Help in Developing Various Activities

Books help in developing speaking and reading skills

Speaking? By reading? Wouldn't you improve your oral skills more by a medium with actual dialogue - movieman666

39 Books are Better Help

It is true because it gives a lot of useful thing to improve your reading level

40 More Imagination for the Reader

Thank you for that it makes me feel proud of being a kid👍😀

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