Reasons Why Both Democrats and Republicans Suck

Gotta get the popcorn and watch both sides get triggered.

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1 Both of them don't care about your freedom

This is actually true because they only live 2 get money - Nonpointed

They might claim to care for your freedom but they don't.Republicans want to ban LGBT rights and they don't know that church and state should be separate.Democrats want to take away automatic guns and have the dumbest excuses for violating the second amendment.And both hate free speech and weed(I don't have plans of smoking weed but seriously it isn't that harmful.Or at least it isn't as harmful as other things that are legal) - DarkBoi-X

2 Both claim they are opposites yet agree on most things

As far as I'm concerned they only disagree on LGBT rights,guns and abortion. - DarkBoi-X

3 Both are parasites

Some from each side - Camaro6

Every1 is a parasite - Nonpointed

Both are parasites who will only harm our country.99% of politicians from both parties are parasites who should drink bleach. - DarkBoi-X

4 Both of them are imperialists

They like to invade other countries,kill their people and then steal their resources.Say what you want about centrists but at least we don't do that stuff. - DarkBoi-X

5 Both of them use fear mongering tactics

Just watch the movie unplanned and you'll see how they try to scare you. - shadomatrix

Republicans think that if you support LGBT rights then you are a sinner and satanist while Democrats think if you support the 2nd amendment then you're a psychopath who wants to shoot up his/her school. - DarkBoi-X

6 Both of them are hypocrites

Well some certainly are. - Camaro6

7 They have spawned worse movements

Republicans have spawned Tea Party and Democrats have spawned #MeToo - DarkBoi-X

8 Neither care about the people

They claim to support the people but in reality they serve wall street. - DarkBoi-X

9 Both have had very few good politicians

I mean yeah Republicans had Lincoln and Democrats had FDR but both would be disappointed with their respective parties. - DarkBoi-X

10 They have ruined America

Technically it's the voters who vote them in that ruin america - Nonpointed

Republicans and Democrats are on a sinking boat.Who survives? America - DarkBoi-X

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11 Both of them represent the establishment
12 Both of them are capitalist

This isn't that bad unless they only care about the 1%(And in this case they only care about them) - DarkBoi-X

13 Both have divided our country
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1. Both claim they are opposites yet agree on most things
2. Both of them don't care about your freedom
3. Neither care about the people
1. Both are parasites
2. Both of them are imperialists
3. Both of them don't care about your freedom


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