Top Ten Reasons Why Bowser (SML) Should Be Sent to Prison

The Top Ten

He Murdered and Abused Several Animals (Bowser Junior’s Pet)
He’s an Abusive Boss Towards Chef PeePee (Multiple Videos)
He’s an Abusive and Neglectful Father (Multiple Videos)
He Left Bowser Junior Home Alone (Home Alone & Home Alone 2)
He Robbed a Gas Station with Mario (Black Yoshi’s Money Problem)
He Threatens Everyone Around Him (Multiple Videos)
He Destroyed Bowser Junior and Chef PeePee’s Phones (Bowser’s Mistake)
He Assaults Mario, Chef PeePee and Bowser Junior (Multiple Videos)
He Commits Multiple Acts of Workers Rights Violations (Multiple Videos)
He Committed an Act of Necrophilia (Joseph Moves In)
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