Top 10 Reasons Why Boy Bands Suck

Boy bands are so damn annoying, nearly all of them sound the same, and here's a few reasons why they suck...
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1 The overuse of AutoTune

BTS sounds amazing with or without autotune! I am not going to vote on all of this, 'cos its not true for BTS. Their songs have awesome lyrics, and they DO write them themselves, they are liked for looks and musical talents. If you can't take BTS seriously, then its YOUR fault. BTS doesn't
"overshadow" other bands! They are uplifting to EVERYONE! They are creative. Like, come on people! Who mad this list!? Every BTS member can sing without autotune! All of their voices are unique and special. AND THEIR HAIR IS AMAZING! Don't even get me started! BTS has tons of variety! Look how much their styles of music has changed over the years! And their vocals are AWESOME! If you are going to talk about autotune problems, look at Taylor Swift. If you are going to talk about bad lyrics, yeah, I have to agree, the Backstreet boys do kinda suck. Yeah, 1Direction is lame and immature but... what can you expect? I mean, I can sort of understand what you guys mean, but maybe you should just go ...more

It's annoying cos the 1D guys really have good voices and they usally sound better without autotune!

Yes some booyband members sound better WITHOUT autotune and it's just sad

They use so much auto tune that it's annoying...

2 Their songs have terrible lyrics

Here are some examples: EvErY bOdY yEaH. rOcK yOuR bOdY yEaH. EvErY bOdY yEaH. rOcK yOuR bOdY rIgHt. BaCkStReEtS bAcK aLrIgHt! I hate you backstreet boys!

Half of the time, the members of these "boybands" don't even write their own lyrics. And the lyrics wrote for them are nothing more than pure cheese, and not the good kind of cheese... I'm talking about the bad moldy cheese that you throw away in five seconds or less.

Yeah boybands have people write their songs and they get famous for t.

3 They don't write their own lyrics

I bet even if they did, that it wouldn't make much of a difference because the music still sucks regardless.

That really annoys me

4 They are liked for their looks, not their musical talent

For me what matters most about a band or any artist, is well their musical talent not their appearance. But with boybands, they get away with this because of their annoying pre teen girl fanbases think that they're "hot" or "cute" and it comes off as cringey.

Okay, the beatles WERE a boyband TEMPORAILY and they were famous for their songs

5 They're impossible to take seriously

Haha yeah 1D acts like they were so big and good and they act like they were Queen when they wern't AT ALL and they say oh yeah 1D's getting back together it would be stupid not to

I can take none of them seriously especially with their awful lyrics and vocals.

It's impossible to take 1D seriously lol

It is hard because when you see the croud it's like OMIGOSH that's annoying

6 They overshadow better bands 

And nine times out of ten the bands they overshadow, are definitely more talented and interesting.

7 They are not creative

There's NOT a single one that I can call creative.

8 Most members can't sing without AutoTune

If you can't sing without autotune then why the hell do you have a singing career to begin with? It genuinely annoys me and comes off as no surprise that without auto tune that most boybands sound like crap live.

9 Most of them sound the same 

No joke and not a single boyband is decent...

Yeah all love songs. OOH! YUK!

10 The members have bad hair 

Eh psychical appearances aren't everything...

One Direction has left the server.

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11 They lack variety 

Most, if not all of the vocals sound exactly the same and a lot of the songs are either about love or partying.

And when they do have variety it's very rare...

12 They have annoying vocals 
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