Reasons Why Boys are Better Than Girls

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1 Boys were the first gender ever created according to the bible

So what if boys are the first sex made? This list is so stupid. Why don't you delete this list and be more open minded. Since being sexist will not get you anywhere in life.

Another sexist list on this site? Not surprised... and don't care enough to debunk every argument on here. - BlueTelegraph

Well yeah. Everyone starts with a rough draft before the final copy

Remove this list, very sexist but yeah sad because its true

Are you sure about that?
How would you do the
Uh uh?

MEN ARE NOT BETTER THAN WOMEN! Neither gender is better than the other.

This list is revolting. - TopTenTed

2 Boys are smarter

Albert Einstein may have been clever, but what about Marie Curie? She did invent radioactivity after all... - IceBearRules

I'm pretty sure that's wrong. Girls are way smarter than guys. Guys have strength, girls have smarts. - Smash64

Boys are not smarter than girls, or vice versa (although many websites in the internet say that girls are smarter than boys check it yourself.) — Snow Phoenix

Because most of scientists are male but boys are both smarter and stupider than girls.

3 Boys have strength

I mean, like there is Gabby Douglas and Serena Williams who can easily bodyslam you

Kind of true because we have more muscle mass then girls (Scientific study! Don't blame me! ) - boiiiiiiiiiii

Girls have strength too. And your point is...? - TheFourthWorld

So do girls (this message was from a boy) - MorlaTurtle8

4 Boys like good shows and girls like bad shows

So Sanjay and Craig is better than Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir?

What miraculous is awesome

Oh So Teen Titans Go! Is better then Sailor Moon?

This is the setting of the scene where Rootbeerfan lost a follower - SpectralOwl

And this is coming from a guy that follows everyone he finds, besides obvious trolls - SpectralOwl

5 Jesus is typically depicted as a boy

Hey shut up, boys and girls are both 50 50 at the same time

This list is terrible. - Randomator

That doesn’t mean anything. Men are made as the lead for women, since they are the head over women in a marriage. Yet women are still just as important for many reasons:
• Without women, people wouldn’t be able to reproduce.
• Women and men balance each other out since women are more emotional and men are more physical people (no offense to girls and boys, this is just how it goes for most of the time).
• Women are known as the loving and comforting ones, so this is important.

So as you can see from this small list, girls have just as big of a purpose as men. Besides, if God thought that men were better than women then why would he make two genders?
That’s like saying God likes white people better than black and that black shouldn’t have been created. Really? That just shows how messed up and sexist this list is.
If you’re going to continue this, then my advice to you is to either change your ways or leave. Because quite frankly, no one is going ...more

6 God is generally depicted as a "he"

God isn't real so your point is invalid

Well arianana grande sucks!

123 Ha that’s Funny

So I guess no other animals matter because lions are “King of the Jungle” right? Nope. Every animal is important and has a purpose. This logic is also applied here, girls and boys are both equally important and special

7 Girls always get grossed out

Boys get grossed out by disgusting things too

This list is dumb

Not all girls always get grossed out. We're not all the same. - TheFourthWorld

The only thing that grosses me out is this dumb website.

Amazing! Just it isn't the top tens that is dumb, it's this stupid list. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

8 Boys are manly

Well you know boys turn into MEN girls turn into WOMEN its simple really... of course they are manly and yes girls are girly so thus this reason is INACCURATE as they say...GET RECKEDDD

Says the gay guy who made it list - The_gEEK_GamEr9

Nah, girls are manly

That is SOOO stupid

9 Boys play video games while girls just stare at stupid flowers

While your brain is rotting, the girls will be learning. No offense to any morally righteous boys...

*watching girls playing videogames on YouTube for playthroughs*

Does that answer your question? - yamionthetrap

Not necessarily. Play Pikmin and you're doing both at once. - Entranced98

I have a phobia of bugs and I'm a girl and my next door neighbor says I can't identify as a transgender I think shes stupid

10 Boys have a penis

This is stupid any who use this for their debate or project fails

(the only benefit is for urinating) - boiiiiiiiiiii


And…who cares? Also, root beer fan loves peeing because he gets to take it out and make everyone look at him peeing. Even worse than girls peeing. I’m just trying to make fun of rootbeercrap.

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? Girls have annoying voices

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11 Boys never cry over dumb things

Not true but girls just cry more - Randomator

A bit true, but it doesn't make it better. - yamionthetrap

This is true, in most cases, but it doesn’t really mean boys are better. - Hermione_Granger220

This comes from hormones and emotions, girls are more prone to that. Sometimes a girl will cry over what seems to be nothing much of a problem but it’s not dumb if they’re crying over it! If something bothers someone then it’s not dumb!

12 Boys don’t have to put on makeup and take care of your hair.

Don't generalize. There are some boys/men who wear makeup and take care of their hair.

True, but that doesn't make boys better right? Although most girls take more care of their hair than makeup. - Userguy44

Ever heard of David Bowie, Boy George, Ru Paul and Adam Lambert to name but a few?

TOTAL TIME FOR BOYS:2 Hours and 23 Minutes
TOTAL TIME FOR GIRLS:4 Hours and 17 Minutes
TOTAL TIME WASTED FOR GIRLS:2 Hours and 34 Minutes

13 Girls bitch a lot

A lot

14 Boys are stronger

Boys are stronger once they mature, but girls are stronger and smarter at a young age. Boys are faster at a young age. Since boys mature for a longer period they actually are stronger smarter and faster but that is men not boys.

I beat up my sister that is young and still know more when we were the EXACT age. Also, boys and men have more muscle mass than girls and women. - boiiiiiiiiiii

Girls have advantages too, both sides have advantages and disadvantages. I still fail to see the point

Very much true

Not true, but ok

15 They are nice

All of my girl classmates are so bossy I think they are feminists. - boiiiiiiiiiii

Just because someone is bossy doesn't mean they're a feminist, and not all feminists are bad. - Luckys

So are girls, what’s the point here?

So girls are described as Bossy boots
While boys are not
Plus they argue at almost everything

16 Girls cry all the time

No! - Userguy44

17 Boys are nice

Actually, a lot of girls in my class are really nice. Get your facts right.

Boys are cool and nice, and that is true.

18 Boys don't get triggered over the smallest thing

Share your opinion.


And you're getting triggered over girls...right... - WheresMyGuitarPick

I acatually agree - boiiiiiiiiiii


19 Girls get scared of small animals that can't hurt them like mouse

I'm afraid of insects, mouses and even COCKROACHES. I'm a boy, and I have fears of being hurted by small animals ;_; - yamionthetrap

Seriously. One time when I was in 3rd grade, a small fly when past my table and the girls screamed at the top of their lungs and I wanted to punch all of those wimps in the face - DrayTopTens

I'm not scared of mice - Hummingbirdf

20 Boys have shorter fingernails


21 Boys have manners

Not to be rude to boys but girls probably have more manners again I'm not trying to be rude to boys but most of the boys I'm my class are rude and arrogant they don't listen to the teacher and they think they can do what ever they want so I just don't see the point in this opinion again these are just the boys in my class I'm not saying all boys are like this I know a lot of guys who do have manners and that are kind and treat me like one of the guys so this is not pointed at all boys, in my opinion this list is stupid.

They are rebellious. They change things, like feminists did.

So do girls, what’s the point here?

22 Boys take more risks

I fell off some stairs and my head sunk into wood!
I am a boy!

23 Boys think they are better then girls because of what an ancient and biased book told us.
24 Boys like video games

Yes they like

25 Girls have so much attitude,
26 Girls take more time to heal after a flu or a sickness while boys take a less amount of time
27 Boys are great

We are still like friends

28 Albert King Albert King Nelson, known professionally as Albert King, was an American blues guitarist and singer, and a major influence in the world of blues guitar playing.

Inspirational artist who is male.

29 A lot of girls are extremely stubborn, and hate boys

Okay, THAT'S sexist. Not all of the girls are extremely stubborn. And hating boys on that? That's false, I've never seen such a fallacy statement in my life. - yamionthetrap

30 Boys are not boastful, but girls are
31 Boys don't wake up at midnight just to put stupid eyeliner on

We don't care about our appearance. Not a bad thing.

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