Top Ten Reasons Why Boys Hate Pop Music

A lot Of boys Hate Pop Music Because Its Overplayed And Loud

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21 Has No Feeling

I know right. I hate most modern pop. I rather listening mostly to rap, R&B, agressive EDM trap, and all types of electro-soul beats. - waraypiso

22 Inappropriate Themes
23 It is Overrated and Just, "Lazy"

Every time I do anything, there has to be pop music because it's the only thing people like. Because of this, I don't look at, listen, or go to the following: YouTube, The super bowl, marathons, some restaurants, and like almost anything because al they put on, is pop music. Also, pop music is lazy. Pop singers rely on auto tune and extra recordings. I say "get a voice." They also use drum machines and all that ----. This physically means that almost anyone can be a pop star. They are also really not creative. If you hear "What does the fox say", the response to that question is Wa wa wa wa kaka kaka or something like that. Apparently pop song lovers call that crap music. Never mind, "get a voice", as I said earlier. Now, I say "get a life" Also, you have probably heard people say "pop songs all sound the same." If you love pop songs and want proof for this, choose any pop song and see how many times the same verses and parts repeat. If you want ...more

24 Unoriginal
25 Shrieking Whenever a Pop Star is Around
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