Top Ten Reasons Why Breadwinners Is a Bad Example for Kids

This is just not only a list to say hate things on, but also to keep you guys safe from this show. When I've heard about it, I knew it would be inappropriate because there was bathroom humor in it, they kept farting, they were rude to ducks because they're obsessed with bread, they played stupid games, and they even made fun of each other because of their size. That's not nice because calling each other fat or skinny is a rude thing, plus they're buddies, and buddies never insult each other. So when you're on Nickelodeon, don't watch this or Sanjay and Craig. You can watch other shows on Nick. They're safer. Also when you see other shows not for you, just change it.


The Top Ten

1 It's Inappropriate

I watched just one episode. It was enough to make me hate the show. - PizzaGuy

Breadwinners is my second least favorite show. - EpicJake

2 They Keep Farting

I find Peter Griffin farting more entertaining. - AaronCoolness

3 They Sing Not Nice Songs
4 They Eat Too Much Bread
5 Their Sizes

Sway Sway looks like a lollipop that turned green and gone bad and has blond hair and a hat on top of his head. - AaronCoolness

6 Butt Jokes

We want shows to be funny but do all the jokes have to be about BUTTS? - RockStarr

Another example of toilet humor. - EpicJake

7 Fake Villains
8 Inappropriate Quotes

They are disgusting

It's despicable!

9 It's Repetitive
10 They Pretend They are in a Game

The Contenders

11 It's Mean-Spirited
12 It feels like a Miley Cyrus cartoon
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