Reasons Why Breadwinners is Better Than Pink Floyd


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1 More creative

Sweet! Another JBL list for more hilarious battles! Gotta love JBL! - Therandom

Just ignore this list people. This person obviously made it to get attention.

I love looking at these lists for laughs. - MontyPython

It is not creative at all - pcn

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2 Pink Floyd is boring

They have inspiring, beautiful and relaxing music, not boring. - CasinLetsGoBowling

How Dare You! Pink Floyd Is Not Boring! You Are!

People, just ignore this obvious troll list.

Come on Pink Floyd is Sooo cool 😎 his songs are so good and catchy (don't hate me)

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3 Breadwinners makes the best jokes

This list is terrible. Pink Floyd is one of thr most awesome bands in history and Breadwinners sucks.

This guy is obviously a troll. Don't listen to him. There is no way a show about two booty shaking ducks is better than one of the best bands ever.

This list is stupid! - pcn

Ducks Shaking their butts is totally Grade A Humor!

Lol. Just kidding - yellowshadow

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4 Pink Floyd's songs are torture to the ears

Roger Waters: This is awful!
Robert Plant: I'm going to go crazy if I see another list like this...
David Gilmour and Jimmy Page: IT IS A TROLL LIST! CALM YOURSELVES! - MontyPython

Actually, no. Breadwinners is even more of a torture to the ears and you know what's worse? MLG Breadwinners.

5 Breadwinners has fart jokes

And is that a good thing? - Catacorn

So You're Talking Me You Actually Like Fart Jokes? I Hope Not...

That's not a good reason, don't feed the trolls

Farts are real music.Fart jokes are the best.-I LOVE FARTS*INSERT LOUD FART NOISE*-Hippocrite

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6 Breadwinners is way more popular

Don't Listen To BarneyTheDinosaurSucks He's Just Trying To Trick Us. So It Should Say

How is Breadwinners popular if a lot of people hate it?

..for being the worst cartoon ever! - pcn

Popular for what? Being considered as one of the most annoying T.V. shows ever?

7 Everyone likes Breadwinners

I Don't Like It, And You Shouldn't Either! It Has Too Much Gross-Out Humor In It, Anyone Who Likes It Has To Be At Least A Little Bit Stupid.

Um, not everyone likes Breadwinners. Not me for sure. - Catacorn

NOT Everyone likes it! But a lot of people hate it.

Not me.

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8 Pink Floyd reminds people of nasty, raw, bug-infested salmon

You mean Breadwinners reminds people of nasty, raw, bug-infested salmon

Like your mom - yuma9009

I'm not even gonna start with this one

(NOTE: I'm recreating this comment due to a typo.)
Like you (at BarneyTheDinosaurRocks).

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9 Pink Floyd can't sing

Like you (BarneyTheDinosaurRocks).

Now,I think that BarneyTheDinosaurRocks is probably joking or trolling. - zxm

Yes she can!

10 Pink Floyd doesn't have talent

Pink Floyd Has More Talent Than All Of The Breadwinners Episodes Combined! So How About You Just Shut Up! You Stupid Toddler!

And I Bet You Don't Have Any Talent Either.

Breadwinners Has Even Less Talent.

The creators of Breadwinners must've been on drugs when they decided to make this T.V. show.

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11 Breadwinners characters are cuter than Pink Floyd

I'm not gonna feed the troll or anything, but Rick Wright is like the cutest man ever. Not hottest, most adorable. - MontyPython

SwaySway and Buuuhdeuce are really creepy.

12 Breadwinners is a perfect show

" Anyone Who Hate This Show Is A Real Stupid-Face " WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! So You're Saying That I Would Be Stupid If I Hated Breadwinners? Nope! You're Wrong You're Stupid If You Like Breadwinners! So How About You Just Shut Up And Go Back To Watching Barney And Friends You Moron!

Breadwinner is the exact opposite of perfect. Just saying'.

No it is not it is the total opposite of perfect its stupid jerky ducks who sale bread I just want to hit them with a baseball bat!

This show is awesome so shut up

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13 Breadwinners never had "Pink" in its name

Let me guess. If it did, it would be called "Pinkwinners." - Powerfulgirl10

14 Pink Floyd's name makes no sense

Breadwinners is an actual word in the dictionary. Go look it up, I'm not lying. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Oh and "breadwinners" does

Like you (at BarneyTheDinosaurRocks).

It basically means Pink Gray-Haired, and it's still better than SwaySway and Buhdeuce.

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1. Breadwinners has fart jokes
2. Pink Floyd reminds people of nasty, raw, bug-infested salmon
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