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21 An episode named "Love Loaf" featured many sexual references
22 It's creepy

It's Just As Creepy As Uncle Grandpa From Cartoon Network.

They act like pedophiles.

Yeah I Know Right Tell Me About It.

Their Psycho.

23 It's disgusting
24 Eric Bauza wasted his voice talent

He is really talented. Yet he has to voice Adult Party Cartoon Stimpy and now BuhDeuce? - 445956

25 Relies on cheap butt jokes and pop culture references for humor V 3 Comments
26 The name of the show

I could come up with a better name for this show right now. How about calling it something like "The Ducks' Adventure". It was imported from YouTube, like the universally hated Annoying Orange and Fred the Show ( I hate these shows, but not as much as everyone else does. After all, Fred the Show did what no other Sitcom dared to try: a ten minute run time. More sitcoms need to do that). These three shows show us exactly why YouTube should stay on computers and mobile devices. Let's hope Nick and Cartoon Network learned their lesson

Breadwinners? Seriously? I could come up with a better name than that. That name sounds like they only took 10 seconds to come up with that name

I thought I was the only one who thought it should be called "Breadlosers". It would be a lot more accurate to the show. Also, I think a "breadwinner" in real life is the person who delivered bread. - Discord

Breadwinner in the dictionary says "a person who earns money to support family."
So they earn money to support family but I did'nt see the 2 protagonist did'nt support their family but they did'nt even earn money either.

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27 Annoying songs

My ears were bleeding when I heard one

After they do something they sing this SONG Sooo annoying for me! I wanted to rip my ears off.

28 The jokes are stale
29 It ruins jokes

Who remembers "do a barrel roll"? Well now Nick is practically taking credit. If I were Nintendo I would sue. - Discord

Remember teen titans beast boy and cyborg made their belts talk, well breadwinners made a copy of it by doing trumpet music with FARTS!

And party punch ruined Mikey's cheer, hi three in teenage mutant ninja turtles

30 Parents don't like potty humor

Too much bathroom talk about toilets, farts, and butts.

NOBODY likes the potty humor. - RiverClanRocks

31 They don't even look like ducks

They look like green extraterrestrial beings that have mustard on their face.

Are they peas with mustard on their face?

SwaySway is a zomdie-duck human and Budeuce is a green ball of slime.

32 It rips off other shows

It is one of the worst shows ever

33 There is a restaurant in America with the same name

There is a restaurant called "Bread Winners Cafe" and Nickelodeon ripped-off the name of a restaurant in the United States. Laziest thing ever - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Actually, Breadwinner's official YouTube channel came up with the name of the show. - tqpreviews1211

There's was also a food truck named Breadwinners that sold free samples foonce. Only to discover that the truck was actually a jailbait van, filled with tiny toons and duck tales pedophilia fetish porn and the people running the truck are two adults ( they act like teens) and call themselves stupid names like the Bread wieners do... Lol.

No, this wasn't ripped off of the name. It was the name the creators gave it when they made an online video about it, and NIck loved it, so they decided to sign them up with their channel.

Umm,does this matter anyway? - Epicsauce45

34 Unlikeable protagonists

Batman is a better fighter and detective than these two idiots

They keep talking and shaking their butts 4 no reason! - Carsrule300

I hate these ducks so much!

Swaysway and buhdeuce are insane! They're not funny at ALL! One scene is when swaysway dresses up as a "Detecive" when the bread is stolen from the flying truck. THAT was STRONGLY, STRONGLY unfunny! Buhdeuce is unfunny too. I won't give details because I hate thinking about him.

Agreed! Cilan (and Sherlock Holmes, of course) are better detectives. We all know it. - RiverClanRocks

35 They look like frogs not ducks

No! I hate to say something offensive but they look like green skinned humans with orange lips! - Carsrule300

36 They use stock images
37 It aired in 2014

Just because it aired in 2014, doesn't mean it's bad. What if Gravity Falls aired in 2014?

What do you mean? The released date isn't a problem but I wish that it got cancelled in present. - bugger

38 T-Midi is the only likeable character

I think Jelly is likable, too.

Everyone is extremely hateful in Breadwinners (what do you expect from Nickelodeon?! ), even T-Midi.

39 A total ripoff of Regular show

Who the hell put this on here? Breadwinners (Which is one of the worst shows in the universe) is definitely NOT a ripoff of Regular Show (Which is the best show in the universe) - N64Dude

It is not a rip off of regular show why would someone came with that

Breadwinners is not a rip off of Regular show it is a rip of SpongeBob square pants

This isn't a rip off Regular Show, which I like. Plus, why would Rambamboo be considered as the Illuminati?!

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40 In the new Nick era
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1. Nickelodeon made it
2. Too much butt talk
3. The animation is horrible
1. Too many Miley Cyrus references
2. An episode named "Love Loaf" featured many sexual references
3. Eric Bauza wasted his voice talent
1. It's a modified version of Sanjay and Craig
2. Sexual jokes
3. The animation is horrible

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