Top 10 Reasons Why Brenda M Gonzalez Should Always Be a Supermodel

The Top Ten

She won modeling awards

-She won the model award for best looking model
-She won the model award for being really really really beautiful.

She got invited to be a Playmate

-We agree with the invitators and want to see her in Playboy Magazine.

She is 23

-She is still very young and it won't be a waste of time.
-She has no wrinkles.

She can dance

-she showed famous people dance routines.
-we learn how to dance to reggae music with a dance partner because of her.

She fulfills our requests

-She model everything we wanted to see.

She is extremely attractive

-she has a beautiful men by her side.
-we can't keep our eyes off her.

She's the future Miss Universe

-She could win the competition.
-She has won previous beauty competitions.

Fashion, fashion, fashion

-she model the fashion clothes for our purpose to know how to match.

Her photos are worth money

-Her single photo is worth $528,000 can be bought for $150,000 and you make that $528,000
-she makes $200,000 per photo.

She shows us to work for your beauty

-she makes the world feel like we can be beautified and accomplish it by following her.

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