Top 10 Reasons Why Brian Griffin is a Terrible Father

I've counted the sins of Peter.... now let's get started on Brian.

The Top Ten

1 He doesn't care about his son at all

The episode "Brian's a Bad Father" demonstrates how little he really cares about his son...

Better than Peter

And I should care why? - kcianciulli

2 He's a smartass that thinks too highly of himself

Peter might be dumb but at least he doesn't think he's the best person in existence.

3 He never learns from his mistakes

Not one damn mistake he's made he's learned from.

4 He has horrible judgement

His judgement is so bad that it makes Peter seem forgivable...

5 Brian, like Peter, will try to weasel himself out of any situation that he can

Which is a very slimy thing to do...

6 He shoves his beliefs down other's throats

And he wonders why Quagmire... hates him..

7 He can't handle dating a girl longer for a week

Quick answer: He can't...

8 He acts like everyone is below him when it's the opposite

Quite self explantory to be honest.

9 He's a hypocrite

He always wants to judge people but can't look in the mirror.

10 He's a narcissist

Which is a bad example for his son...

The Contenders

11 Neglectfully abused his son to advance his career
12 He mocks others for their beliefs
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