Top 10 Reasons Why Bring Me the Horizon is One of the Worst Bands Ever

What a horrible band I can't believe people actually like this garbage music.

The Top Ten

1 Their music is awful

I don't think I can name a single good song from this band, their music first started off as horrible scene kid emo poser metal garbage however ever since their 4th album they started turning more into pop music untill finally they did turn into pop music which they went from awful hot topic store garbage to sellout corporate soulless crap. - MetalWorldOrder

I don't really like Bring Me the Horizon. It's pretty lame. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I’ve never listened to this band. But I don't even want to after this list. Thanks for the warning. - RadioHead03

2 Oli Sykes is one of the worst singers of all time

His voice is awful, despite his age he sounds like scene kid teenager who really is trying so hard to be Chester Bennington and failing miserably, oh and growls are also terrible - MetalWorldOrder

3 They turned electropop with their album "amo"

This is 100% proof that Bring Me The Horizon is a poser metal band and never wanted to play metal, they just wanted to sellout and be Imagine Dragons, they're a disgrace to rock and metal music.. - MetalWorldOrder

4 Their lyrics are awful

Yup 100% factual, all their lyrics are just them being whiny edgy emo scene kids, the worst offender is the song "Heavy Metal" where all they did was say that their newest electropop garbage was better than the scene kid crap, which as awful as that stuff it's still better than that pathetic album this song came from where it was just them ripping off Imagine Dragons. - MetalWorldOrder

Well their music(Including lyrics) appeal to emos so of course it's awful. - DarkBoi-X

5 They're posers

Yeah because a metal band would totally sellout and make an electropop album and also have a song on there literally called Heavy Metal that is 0% heavy metal and insults people who like their older music yeah these guys are such a great metal band! - MetalWorldOrder

They look like scene kids so yeah. - DarkBoi-X

6 They never made a good album

Every single album of theirs is awful and they got worse with each one.

Their debut is awful immature scene kid Deathcore
Their 2nd album is immature scene kid metalcore
Their 3rd album is scene kid post hardcore

Their 4th and 5th album is them ripping off Linkin Park

Their 6th album is them ripping off Imagine Dragons. - MetalWorldOrder

All their albums are whiny emo/scene garbage - DarkBoi-X

Ok in all seriousness their 4th album is okay. - DarkBoi-X

7 They're immature

And if you think they aren't then tell me why one of their songs is named
"Tell Slater Not to Wash His Dick"? - MetalWorldOrder

8 They're very unlikeable people

They've said some really awful things and it honestly makes me sick that people actually like these guys. - MetalWorldOrder

9 They keep changing their sound

Only prog related artists can do this properly and these guys are far from ever being a Prog artist, they only do this just. because they want to make a crappy album in every genre they can. - MetalWorldOrder

10 They're unoriginal

Especially with their 4th 5th and 6th album, 4 and 5 ripoff Linkin Park and 6 rips off Imagine Dragons, the worst music artist ever. - MetalWorldOrder

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