Top Ten Reasons Why Britgirl Is the Most Mentioned TopTenner

If there is any member whose name keeps cropping up it's Britgirl's. Here are the reasons why I think she's so popular.

The Top Ten

1 Her Lists

I see her lists all the time - hockeykid58

A lot. And very funny

2 Her Quotes

I like them. Some of her serious ones are very deep and pensive. She must think an awful lot. But then, don't all the great minds? I like Britgirl.

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3 Her Sense of Humor

Britgirl's amazing. Kind, warm, never says bad stuff and she's got a great sense of humour. I think she's awesome! - Barry2013

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4 Her Accent

She sounds beautiful. I bet her voice is husky. She uses the word beautiful so beautifully.

She's sounds like a true English Rose from the words she uses in her quotes.

5 Other Members Have Said She's Their Favorite TopTenner

There's good reason for that. She's unique and hilarious, and that makes her my fave. - PositronWildhawk

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6 Her Passion for London

She loves London, doesn't she?

7 Her Ex Boyfriend

Mentioned in a very subtle way. She's clearly still smitten.

Um.. No, I'm not. I am deeply in love with someone else. - Britgirl

8 Her Friendship With Fellow Toptenner PositronWildhawk

Thank you for that. No problem at all. Pleasure being hilarious. - PositronWildhawk

When these two exchange banter, it's hilarious. They're a very funny pair.

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9 Members Want to Know What She Looks Like

I can't lie; I do happen to have the perfect face...for TheTopTens! Haha! - Britgirl

10 People Leave Comments About How Much They Love Her

Britgirl is a very Special Girl!

She's Got a Heart Of Gold & she doesn't Judge! - Curti2594

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11 Her comments make you think about life in a different way

Oh they Really do her Perspective on life & options are unique! - Curti2594

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12 She Is a Lady In a Male-dominated Website
13 She always seems to be laughing
14 She Doesn't Make Hate Lists

This is very Nice to see - Curti2594

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