Top Ten Reasons Why Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls is Awesome

Even though Bubbles is not my favorite, this list is to appreciate her. I am talking about Bubbles from the original Powerpuff Girls, not the reboot Powerpuff Girls.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls is Awesome

1 She is cute and has an adorable high pitched voice

At least Bubbles is not Buttercup. Even though Buttercup is such a jerk she still has a large fan base. Plus Bubbles is only five so it isn't too uncommon. But Buttercup does things that are questionable even for a five year old

I need Bubbles being kicked out from Powerpuff Girls because she is not adorable, always cries and shy. I don't want a team member who CRIES A LOT!

Aw! I want hug her! Bubbles is so cute! (The original one, not the reboot! Reboot! Bubbles sucks! ) - ChatNoirFan18

I love her voice so much. - ChristianCards02

2 She can prove herself to be hardcore, even if they underestimate her
3 She can speak Spanish and Japanese

Really? She can speak Spanish? Well, THAT'S useless! Translate THIS, hitch! : muerde mi brillante culo metalico!

(Translation: Bite my shiny metal ass! )

I can speak Spanish
but I can't Japanese - Garoto_Oceano


4 She is very kind and sweet

The nicest of the girls and she rarely thinks of herself.

5 She can talk to animals, which often helps solve crimes
6 She likes to do things peacefully
7 She loves to draw and color
8 She cares about her sisters so much
9 She has so much sympathy for others, which makes her a good person

She forgave Buttercup even before Buttercup apologized. I don't know why people like Buttercup so much because Buttercup barely has any redeeming qualities or moments.

10 She has a boyfriend

Mac from fosters home for imaginary friends

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11 She is forgivable
12 She is so cute

Like Fluttershy (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)

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