Top Ten Reasons Why Buddhism Is the True Philosophy

Here's the reasons Why Buddhism is the truth to life and humanity.

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1 It has no Gods and you don't need to believe it.

Not true. Buddhism DOES have gods & goddesses. What it does not have is a Supreme Creator.

There is actually no gods and goddesses in Buddhism but there are different school and sects of Buddhism. Because Buddhism spread so far in Asia, many people blended their own culture and religions into Buddhism. This is why Buddhism in Sri Lanka is different form Buddhism in Japan or South Korea. In thervada Buddhism there is no God or goddesses but in mayanana (I can't spell) there is some sort of deity

There is no god

I agree with bhagvan budhas

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2 The scriptures are true
3 It doesn't condemn someone to Hell.

No god no hell

4 It respects nature and humanity.

Buddhism respects both humans, animals and nature. Practically all livings things are respects

Yes buddhism is depends on natural rule

Can you say the same when Buddhist terrorists - yes terrorists - are slaughtering another faith group in Burma/Myanmar? What Buddhism are they following? Tell me, someone, please?

Buddhisam is pure natural peace and harmony religon

5 It promotes peace
6 No restrictions
7 They teaches that there's happiness in life.
8 It teaches science about this natural world.
9 It has no class order
10 It teaches happiness in mind, heart, body and soul

If you study this for a very long time like Buddha, you can achieve Nirvana. If you study this properly and devote yourself to it, it can give you Nirvana, like Buddha. Nirvana

Instructions- Becoming Buddhist
Do things correctly.

Be good all the time everywhere to everyone.
Practice meditation, day 1( 5 minutes ) day 30 (30 minutes).
Read the Holy Book of Buddhism(Tripitaka).*
Do this all your life and you will definitely achieve Nirvana.
*You wont be able to do this until you can read Pali.

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11 It uses mediation to clear off bad thoughts
12 You don't need to declare yourself as Buddhist to learn and practice Buddhism
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