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1 A lot of kids commit suicide because of bullying

I feel very sad and very sorry to hear about anyone committing suicide. Especially that no one knows what that person has been going through. Bullying is never the answer. Suicide is NOT a FKN joke. There are people out there like suicide hotline, counselors, your doctors, etc as well as your loved ones can help you, and always be there for you though thick and thin. No matter what you have been going through in life, BE STRONG! Suicide is never the answer.

Yeah, I have friends who are suicidal, one of my friends back in 7th grade wrote suicidal notes because some guy kept bullying him for being Gay. He's doing better now. - NikoX

I almost strangled my self to death and almost stabbed myself from it - MLPFan

Some bullies after the target's suicide

The shocked bullies: they feel guilty about it and stop

The heartless bullies: they don't care and continue

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2 It can mess up your academic health

Your academic health is clapped

I do not like that

That is very unhealthy. 👎

3 It lowers the victim's self-esteem

Lemme tell all the younger kids what self-esteem is. Its basically your confidence. Its not very nice!

Not only that but also can make them have a higher chance of committing suicide or getting depression

Very true - DarkBoi-X

4 The victim's physical, mental, social, and emotional health can decrease

It could effect your life

Eversince being bullied by a mass of my former year mates at elememtary school for years, I'm still traumatized from it and I don't wanna talk to anyone about it. It terrifies me - MLPFan

5 It makes people hate you

I am glad this list was made! Bullying is a BIG issue that needs to end! I strongly agree! - Jake09

Duh! Off course it's true.

I hate when people gang up person doing whatever it takes to drag you down


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6 Bullying is immature

People be saying that " They're just having fun." but know dang well that victim doesn't feel the same way. - 23windomt

People think it is cool to bully, it really isn't

I think bullying is a mean thing to do.

Bullying is discusting.

7 You could get arrested

Then good luck for those bullies if they're trying to get away with bullying others because bullies should NEVER pick on anyone in the first place. And I'm very glad that bullies can get arrested for being mean spirited.

I don't think kids get arrested for bullying...

It actually depends on the situation, if the bully threatens physical harm then they're going to get charges of harassment. - NikoX

That's not fair


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8 The victim could always get revenge

Your mom gay lol...

Pumped up kicks. - Userguy44

The victim stream snipes you and finds you in the same game and 1 taps you with a hand cannon and you hit a 9 with a pump.


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9 You don't know if the victim is planning to kill you

Cause he's bush camping in the corner of a house and kills you when you have 36 kills!



10 The victim can become a murderer

This might sound extreme, but unfortunately, its actually true. For example, many of the most well-known serial killers are noted to have a rather terrible social experience during their childhood, with bullying being an example. Bullying does cause an individual to develop anti-social traits, which can morph into nihilism if taken too far. Psychopaths are usually nihilists seeing as they are unable to relate or bring in any genuine interest and care to anyone or anything in general.

This may also extend to a few school shooting. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were noted to have been bullied during their time in high school, which may have contributed to their decision to shoot up their school. Nikolas Cruz, who was responsible for the Stoneman Douglas Shooting was also bullied by students of his school,and by his younger brother.

This is not a comment about sympathizing with these people, but rather a display of what bullying could do to people. There is a side just as ...more - CrimsonShark

Columbine shooters were bullied. - DarkBoi-X

I agree brother

scary - 23windomt

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? Bullies promote bad behaviour
? The victim can become mentally insane

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11 It could lead to the victim harming themselves

People need to learn self harm does nothing. - DarkBoi-X

I cut

I haven't but I have had thoughts about it.-DarKBoi-X

12 You could lose people's trust

If somebody drags you down, it reveals his / her uncaring personality. If he continues he / she will never have meaningful relationship with people.

The bully will never be a trusted again.

13 You could end up being the victim of bullies yourself

Karma is real - MLPFan

Lets go


14 In very extreme cases, the victims just die from low self esteem

Extremely rare, but, has happened. - clusium

15 You can set a bad example

I think this is amazing
The showed me a lot of what I can do to the young ones just from a little bullying

Can make others to grow up to be a bully
To be mean

To the one who claimed that bullying is amazing:

"You're a deluded liar for thinking that bullying is amazing and that you think that you can get away with anything just from bullying anyone. Suppose someone does that to you. How would you feel? "

16 Bullying can cause self harm to the victim

That is very sad and also very depressing, especially when you never know what that person has been going through. 😢

17 It makes the victim hate themselves and want to hurt themselves.

I agree it can hurt someone else

18 Bullying affects the parents at home

I'm a father of a bullied child who is very crippling depressed

I'm adopted

Every parents worry about their own children getting bullied. 😢

19 It's mean spirited

That's true. People don't know how others feel.

20 Bullies pick on children

That's child abuse.

21 It causes school shootings

It's sad and scary but it's true it cause victim to go crazy or psycho if people think bullying fun you may get shot for it

This makes me feel very sorry for Nikolas Cruz and other school shooters. 😢

22 It affects others around you
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1. The victim could always get revenge
2. Bullying is immature
3. In very extreme cases, the victims just die from low self esteem
1. A lot of kids commit suicide because of bullying
2. Bullying is immature
3. It lowers the victim's self-esteem
1. The victim can become a murderer
2. A lot of kids commit suicide because of bullying
3. It could lead to the victim harming themselves

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