Top Ten Reasons Why Bullying Should Stop

This stemmed through a conversation with Garythesnail about Bullying.

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1 You could go to juvenile detention

Everyday there is someone that is always behind your back talking about you, but the thing that they don't know is how it fells to be bullied ever single day...

if only

Hopefully this law has existed because there are a lot of bullies that need to get a life.

Lots of kids bully me and they never go to juvenile detention. I wish I could send them there. - TwilightKitsune

2 Victims could commit suicide or take revenge

Its never the victims fault

I was bullying victim and I've always wanted to seek revenge BIG TIME on the people who terrorized me

3 You might be depressed in the end

You can stop it by telling a teacher...

I also think bullying should stop because it gets repeated around the world. It just keeps happening.

Because that's what the bullys want you to feel

We all wish bullying would stop but it won't. No matter what, people will hate you for all kinds of things, even for just being you. - RiverClanRocks

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4 There are a lot of trolls out there

Bullying is bad, especially Cyber Bully.

Those Troom's need something way better to do than to bully others!

You should get a life

Here are 2 things that a troll should do: Grow up and get a life!

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5 It makes other people bullies too
6 Can ruin the victim's self esteem

It will be worse by getting in trouble by bullying


7 You can get arrested

Good you getting arrested if you bullying!

8 In the long run, there are no benefits.

People bully to raise their own self esteem, but if they realized it was wrong, it would probably lower their self esteem greatly. If I was a bully, it would only make my self esteem worse.

Yeah, what do you even get out of bullying? - TwilightKitsune

9 You can hurt other's feelings

Bullies don't know how other victims are feeling about being terribly bullied.

Be careful what you say and to others (especially your beloved ones and pets) or you will deeply regret it. All of us human beings feel negative at some point, but hurting others and their feelings is defiantly crossing g the line.

Just a little reminder they won't care about your feelings no matter what you do. - Jordansalesguy2392

10 It can affect your future

That is very true. But it depends on the person themselves.

Just because someone called you a name doesn't mean if should affect your future - Jordansalesguy2392

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11 A lot of teenagers commit suicide because of cyber bullying

Bullying is discusting, cruel and depressing. A parent should raise their children to be good, not evil.

Its very true

Turn off the phone or laptop! - Jordansalesguy2392

12 Bullying can cause drinking or smoking

I agree with this very truthful topic. That can happen to some people.

I started drinking and smoking due to bullying becaues it calmed down my stress

13 People are different

We may be different to others, but we are one human race. Everyone is unique in their own way.

Simple as it is. I'm nice to anyone who's nice to me. Be a jerk to me, I would try to avoid me... - Therandom

14 It can violate private policy

Bullies ruining your property?

15 Cyber bullying doesn't make you cool, it makes you stupid

When will the kids at my school realize this?!


16 It can cause a black out

#Knocked out kid

Thank you!

I wonder what the meaning of "It can cause a black out" mean?

17 Bullying causes depression to most victims

Which is very sad to hear and experience. BE STRONG! Have faith in yourself! 💪

18 Stalkers

Thank you (to the one that commented that I'm right).

I think your right.

No one likes to be stalked by an immature bully.

19 Extreme self esteem

That is very sad.
To the victims out there with extreme self esteem from bullying, I want to say this to you:
"Be strong! Even life is very rough. Also be kind to there from your own side, don't stoop to the bullies level and bullies don't matter as much as you do. You're worth it! "

20 It's cruel

In general it hurts people and some die

Off course bullying is cruel. But it's also very discusting, unacceptable and yet, very depressing. No one deserves to get bullied at all. Ever!

21 Causes mental disorders as an adult

Yikes. That would be quite sad and also very scary.

22 Affects people's education

A bully is only nice to you if they want you to help them with their work. That's not very good.

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1. Victims could commit suicide or take revenge
2. You could go to juvenile detention
3. There are a lot of trolls out there
1. You could go to juvenile detention
2. You might be depressed in the end
3. You can hurt other's feelings


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