Top 10 Reasons Why Bunk'd and Best Friends Whenever Are the Worst Disney Shows

The Top Ten

1 They both make Disney look like Nickelodeon with their type of humor

This list is too true, but I'm sad that you're leaving even though I didn't really get to know you. I heard that you were awesome. - Anonymousxcxc

2 They are both just two more failed attempts for Disney redeem themselves
3 They are just your usual stereotypical and offensive Disney shows

I'm a nerd like Ravi would be considered yet still I could beat the crap out of any kid in my school in a fight

4 They are both unrealistic
5 Both shows are not funny

Their both really stupid

6 They have Bad morals
7 Their theme songs are annoying and stupid
8 There's always dumb blondes
9 Both shows have fans
10 The reason why Luke isn't at Camp Kikiwaka is stupid

They actually made an episode where Luke is at Camp Kikiwaka, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT!

He apeared in a episode

The Contenders

11 Too much butt and toilet humor

Constant and Inappropriate

12 Best Friends Whenever destroys the fascination of time travel

If you want to see real time travel then watch Doctor Who. - Anonymousxcxc

Back to the Future is way better than this. - KianaLexi

13 All of the main characters on both shows are brats
14 Bunk'd is a spin-off of Jessie

Jessie is a show about 4 very SPOILED Brats

Oh god. 4 more years of this same bull and unpleasant humor.

15 They both have annoying theme songs
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