Top 10 Reasons Why Bunsen is a Beast and the Loud House are Bad


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1 Both have terrible animation

Wow. What a awful list. I'm honestly sick of these Modern Nickelodeon Haters who are trapped in their nostalgia and can't accept any new cartoons that are thrown in their direction without criticizing them. It's simple: You're not a child anymore, therefore you aren't able to pick apart the old cartoons without having nostalgic bias, and you can't get yourself to enjoy these because you're not in the demographic of these shows. Personallly, I liked both of these shows, and I can understand it if you don't, but this doesn't make your list good since all of these things can apply to older Nickelodeon shows. - DCfnaf

You think most lists are awful. This doesn't surprise me at all. Technically I am a child. I'm only 15 years old. - TheLoudHouseSucks

How are you hating on Bunsen is a beast when the show started a few months ago? Anyway, that show and The Loud House are great and have good animation. You want a show that has terrible animation, then go watch Breadwinners if you want a crappy show!

Hat happened to Buth Hartman, he made great shows like DP and FOP and TUFF puppy was okayish but this?

2 Both have terrible character designs
3 Both are created by Nickelodeon; Known for their terrible cartoons nowadays

I like the loud loud - SushigirlO6

YES! That's right! We know that since it's Nickelodeon, the cartoons clearly suck! It's like if a Sonic the Hedgehog game comes out. CLEARLY it's going to suck because it's a Sonic game.

Yup. This list is trash. - DCfnaf

4 Both have annoying theme songs

Try listening to Breadwinners and Fanboy and Chum Chum's theme songs if you want annoying songs. The loud house and Bunsen is a beast both have good theme songs.

5 Both have annoying characters
6 Both have bad voice acting

Tuff Puppy had bad voice acting. Spongebob's voice acting could be better. The sitcoms have way worse acting than these shows. - DCfnaf

7 Both have the most selfish characters

Like the girl from BIAB, she wants to ban beasts not knowing that's Mikey's best friend. And all the Loud sisters, they all fight for stupid reasons like money. - TheLoudHouseSucks

8 Both have characters that are just plain mean

Yes. The villains of the show are mean because they are the villains of the show, - DCfnaf

9 Both feature a cliche; School

The Fairly Oddparents and Danny Phantom both have school. Why do you not complain? Because they're your childhood cartoons. - DCfnaf

I disagree with this list.

10 Both have disgusting toilet humor

Well as much as I like TLH, which does have many many problems, I will agree that it has too much toilet humor. But yeah I can agree with you completely on Bunsen is a Beast, now it's not entirely terrible but Bunsen's voice annoys the heck out of me and Amanda is just mean, annoying, and racist for no reason (? ) so I can never bring myself to watch it. - Anonymousxcxc

Tuff Puppy had toilet humor. And there was no Toilet Humor in BIAB from what I remember. - DCfnaf

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