Top Ten Reasons Why Burger King Is Better Than McDonald's


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1 Better Burgers

Mcdonalds Burgers look like someone stepped on them. All though burger kings burger do to, I still think their burgers are better. - nintendofan126

I know my dad thinks burger king burgers are because they have flavour

The Whopper is the bomb. Also the Bacon Cheeseburger in the 5 for $4 is very delicious as well.

Burger King is much better, the quality is clearly higher and it's still affordable. The food is great!

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2 Better Fries

Mcdonalds fries taste soggy when their cold, and I never really cared for them even when I was younger. Burger kings fries taste better. And I even heard they have been voted best fries in the United States. - nintendofan126

Burger King completely changed fries in fast food, and when they're fresh, they taste great! They made them thicker, compared to McDonald's fries which are too slim, and are always cold whether I eat in or take out.

Burger King fries are bigger and they actually taste much better than McDonald's

Girl they fries taste goodasf

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3 Slushies

Do they sell this in Burger king Canada - Sparkjolt

The cherry slushies are the best. - sketchysteve

Does Mcdonalds have slushies? Nope. At burger king, you can get a cherry or coke slushie. - nintendofan126

4 Not Overrated

Lots of times when I'm on the road, I see Mcdonalds more than burger king. Though I guess burger King is also overrated. - nintendofan126

Mcdonald charge too much money

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5 Healthier

Burger is unhealthy to, but not as much as mcdonalds. - nintendofan126

More healthy

Put the come on the poop and burgars

I agree with nintendofan126

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6 Better Tasting Chicken

This is just my opinion. But Burger Kings Chicken just tastes better to me. - nintendofan126

Tender crisp chicken sandwich is an actual whole piece of whit meat. McDonald's sells compressed chicken parts in the shape of a patti for most of their sandwiches.

Burger King sells real chicken, while McDonald's chicken is clearly shaped to be a party.

Gimme those McNuggets. Those BK NUggets suck - RyanMtheGamer

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7 More Veggies On the Burgers

Yes and they don't charge you 50 cents for s slice of tomato like McDonald's does burger king burgers taste 10000000% better

Veggies suck - Officialpen

Wackdonalds basic burger is a patti with pickles, mustard and ketchup with a few "onions ". BK makes a burger like you would at a cookout. Dumb people with no taste like mcdonalds better.

8 Super-Sized Coke
9 Doesn't Have a Creepy Mascot

To someone who watches dozens of serial killer documentaries, this is a great thing! - gemcloben

That Happy Meal Thing Looks Like Gary Busey.

The king is quite creepy, at least to me.

Says all people obssesed with IT - RyanMtheGamer

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10 Onion Rings

I love onions!

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11 Better Deals

Burger. King. Said and done

Yes Totally Agree

1.49 10 piece nuggets, anyone?

The 2 for 5 deal

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12 Faster Service

My Burger King will have me in and out in a matter of just a few minutes.. compared to my McDonald's which the length of the drive thru doesn't matter there could be 13 cars or 3 cars in McDonald's and it would still take like 20 minutes.. maybe an exaggeration but it's still an awfully long time. Burger King there could be 3 or 4 cars and I'm still thru super quick. Also they have never managed to completely screw up my order which my McDonald's has done almost every time I go thru the drive. So kudos to Burger King for having workers that can read a slip!

Burger King has extremely fast service, but in my area at least, I see McDonald's service is slightly slowly and tend to slack

Mc Donald s burgers taste like crap.

13 Chicken Fries

Burger King offers Chicken Fries and limited-time varieties of them. Also Burger King's Chicken Fries Rings are amazing too. The Chicken Fries They taste so good much better than anything McDonald's sells. McDonald's no longer sells Chicken Fries

Chicken fries have always been my favorite! When they brought them back I was so happy!

They are crunchy band hip

14 Better Tasting Shakes
15 Free Sauce

McDonalds charges 50 cents the one wall Burger King charges nothing for as many sauces as you want

I like mcdonalds and burger king I mean the sauce is free in both

16 Limited-Time Promotions / Deals
17 Better Tasting Sweet & Sour Sauce
18 Cooler Toys

Great way to the gym today and it was the best of the day before I get you a lot of fun to use it for a few weeks of a sudden it was

Fnaf toys are the best action figures.

Ahh yes burger king has better toys


19 Sides

Burger King sides are amazing. EX: when last have you gotten onion rings from McDonald's? Oh right, THEY DON'T HAVE ANY!

Burger King even has sides for babies specifically, ex:apple sauce sometimes even a small Apple juice. Even if McDonald's has that, you throw that plastic cup right in the trash, polluting the earth even more! While Burger King uses recyclable materials.

Burger King unlike McDonald's found a way to make good food with also decreasing their impact on the environment.

20 They Grill Their Burgers
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