Top Ten Reasons Why Butch Hartman Has Fallen from Grace

Well... 2018 certainly has been big for Butch Hartman... And not in a good way as of right now... Anyways, for those of you who don't know, Butch Hartman is an American animator, director, writer, producer, actor and voice actor best known for creating the Nickelodeon cartoons The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy and Bunsen Is a Beast. (Courtesy of "Best Butch Hartman YouTube Videos")

That, and Butch Hartman had made a pretty big transition to the Internet by joining YouTube on August 8, 2015, where his content consists of him drawing art pertaining to pop culture mainly in his own style. However, just recently, Butch Hartman doesn't seem to be quite the great guy we all thought he was in his YouTube videos...

Why? Because of his recent OAXIS streaming service controversy. Just when we thought Butch Hartman had a great legacy that would be preserved for generations when he left Nickelodeon on February 8, 2018, this whole kickstarter campaign for a new streaming service called OAXIS, which is supposedly aimed at creating kid-friendly content for all ages, came and essentially ruined everything, both for Butch Hartman himself and his fans who had faith and respect in him, myself included.

So for this list, I'm going to go into detail about the top ten reasons why Butch Hartman has fallen from grace. While I can predict some people are going to be petty and say reasons like it's because the newer episodes of The Fairly OddParents suck now, I'm mainly going to be focusing solely on the entire OAXIS streaming service controversy.

That said, feel free to vote and add to this list.

P.S. I want to give thanks to users on social media such as TRAFON and PIEGUYRULZ and any other users who are keeping up to date on the whole Butch Hartman Oaxis streaming service controversy and whatnot.
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1 He made a joke that Tara Strong caused the death of voice actress Mary Kay Bergman He made a joke that Tara Strong caused the death of voice actress Mary Kay Bergman

Mock me and all the other fans disgusted by something seemingly as mundane as a suicide joke, but let's be honest here. It's clear that this deceitfully harmless joke was in bad taste. I mean, playfully joking at the very voice actress who's portrayed your most iconic character for many years by saying SHE'S the very reason her predecessor committed suicide? This is turning into One Coarse Meal, people! Moving on, Hartman clearly made an offensive joke that surely Tara Strong, the voice actress who portrays Timmy Turner, was appalled by. The context of her predecessor, Mary Kay Bergman, is that she died because she committed suicide since she was suffering bipolar disorder and whatnot. Yet, Hartman has the nerve to callously cast it off and basically say "Suicide and Depression didn't exist back in my day, it's because of media! " WHAT?! I guess if his notion is really like that, I can see why someone like HARTMAN would vote for Donald Trump. Say what you want about "mainstream media ...more

I feel bad for Tara. She got replaced by an Asian girl as the voice of Bubbles, She recently lost her dad, and the man she has worked for for 17 years says she's the reason Mary Kay Bergman, the voice actress who played Timmy before her, committed suicide. I know the third thing was just a joke, but Butch should know better than that. It's a shame Tara couldn't return to voice Bubbles (being replaced by said Stupid Asian Girl) yet she could return to voice Raven, Omi, and Ben Tennyson.

If anything didn't dissuade you from respecting Butch Hartman, this is what sets it in.

Accusing someone for something as dark and twisted as suicide is an absolute low for anybody, let alone Hartman. You have to understand that there's some topics that you can't just take lightly at all. I mean, suicide is among the darkest topics to come across and for good reason. Also, Tara must have felt incredibly revolted by a statement like that.

It's funny to see how this grown ass man is becoming more and more like the average internet teen every day. It's also quite sad actually to see someone who I grew up with go downhill. Just look at Bill Cosby. He was an icon to the black community in America for decades, and now we find out that he's also a sex fiend. It's just sad. I can only imagine what other icon is going to fall from grace in the future.

2 His Oaxis streaming service has been accused of manipulating audiences into backing a Christian-themed service under false pretenses His Oaxis streaming service has been accused of manipulating audiences into backing a Christian-themed service under false pretenses

You know, I don't mind if some people are devout to their own religion and all that, especially those who are devout to Christianity in any quantity. However, what I do mind is committing wrong in the name of religion, especially Christianity. And from what's going on right now, Hartman is clearly falling into the latter. Apparently, this whole Oaxis controversy arose when Hartman out of nowhere declared that the Oaxis streaming service was Christian-based, despite the fact he never brought up anything of the sort in regards to Christianity during the fundraising period for Oaxis. While it doesn't sound like much to be fussing over a streaming service that was suddenly revealed to be for Christian purposes, keep in mind that the fact remains the same: Butch Hartman manipulated his own fans and audience into supporting a Christian-based service under false pretenses on the grounds that it was "meant to produce kid-friendly content for all ages". In other words, he lied to his own fans ...more

As a christian, I think Butch should have disclosed the fact that this streaming service was religious earlier. He basically lied to and scammed people out of money for his crappy streaming service. Also, he's stealing content, so that's two sins right there. Butch is as much of a Christian as Donald Trump is; they're not.

This is the kind of thing that you need to be upfront about immediately when you announce a project of this magnitude. Regardless of your belief system, you would not want to back a project that suddenly was announced as a religious company after you already pledged money to it. Hey Butch, if you're such a committed Christian, tell me what the ninth commandment says. Clearly that's something that you don't believe in.

Personally, I don't mind if some people are devout to their own religion at all, but however, what I do mind is committing wrongly in the name of religion especially Christianity. He basically having an oaxis steaming service that was Christian based, despite the fact it has nothing to do with Christianity whatsoever. That controversy really did make him fall into the latter for sure, from what's going on now.

3 He has a religious ego where he claims that the reason people loved his shows was because "They had Jesus in them" and he is the one who will lead a new better future for kids, families, and America

As a Christian, I don't think magic or phantoms are really well-liked to be in Christian programming, I mean, I think there's nothing wrong with them, but there's a line between Church and TV.

Reiterating back off of my first item on this list, Hartman manipulated his fans and audience into thinking they were funding a kid-friendly content streaming service for all ages when in reality it was all a lie just to get people to fund a Christian service that only cares about converting kids to Christianity no matter what. Not helping is the fact that Hartman literally ADVERTISED his Oaxis streaming service on a Christian T.V. program called "Marcus & Joni". As mundane as this simple shameless advertising is, it only further proves that Hartman is only doing this out of Christianity, NOT for the children or any other demographic. Believe it or not, everywhere from places like Know Your Meme and Twitter from users like TRAFON, it's all right there on the Internet. That said, TRAFON stated himself that Hartman even claimed that the reason people loved his shows was because "They had Jesus in them" and he is the one who will lead a new better future for kids, families, and America. ...more

No, we loved those shows because they had a good team of writers and good characters. You'd have to be absolutely delusional to think that people only like Butch's shows because they had "Jesus" in them. I just can't put into numbers how much respect I lost for this man after the things he has done! Thankfully I unsubbed a few weeks ago already when this came out.

Basically tricking his audience into thinking they are funding a kid friendly steaming service for all ages, when really its obvious he is lying, just to get kids converted to Christianity no matter what, just doesn't convince me at all. Butch Hartman is nothing but a backstabbing liar

4 He made a transphobic tweet against a male actor dressed as a female cheerleader who was a character from one of his shows on the Noog Network

As if Hartman being rumored to be homophobic wasn't already bad enough, now there's concrete evidence that he made a transphobic tweet in the form of a joke poking fun at a male actor dressed as a female cheerleader, with the female cheerleader in question being a character from one of Hartman's shows on his Noog Network! Once again, TRAFON is the person to thank for this evidence, as he has a photographic screenshot showing evidence of what exactly Hartman said in regards to the female cheerleader character. It's not much, but while it seems mundane for Hartman to put quotation marks on the word "She" when referring to the female cheerleader character, the fact that Hartman himself deleted the tweet a moment too late after TRAFON took a screenshot of the tweet and that Hartman plugged his network afterwards only proves Hartman knew he did wrong in that tweet. I understand most people neutral or indifferent on this whole controversy would scoff and call this tweet "a harmless joke", ...more

Transphobic, huh? That's what happened in Westlake (my 7th grade school). And we have been taught all our lives that any kid of preference is okay! Guess we'll never learn...

5 He keeps deleting evidence of videos people are using to criticize him, effectively proving he can't take criticism

Ironic how the man who claims to be a Christian with values is the same person who would go out of his way to attack his own fans, go behind his own words and betray anyone who disagrees with his wrongdoings, and essentially dismiss and delete any evidence of him being wrong from the people criticizing him. Honestly, Hartman kind of reminds me of myself when it comes to my early days where I was sensitive to criticism, but while I had to deal with a bunch of jerks, Hartman here is basically stabbing his own loyal fans in the back despite them supporting him for many years and only wanting to point out when he's wrong and that he should stop what he's doing before it's too late! Then again, at this point, it's already too late for Hartman to redeem himself from one of the biggest celebrity falls from grace in recent times of this late decade. Ugh, I can't stand what Hartman has come to. Getting back to the meat of this item, Hartman is basically removing any evidence of his insults and ...more

That just proves that butch Hartman is a hypocritical nonce, who cannot take criticism. Deleting videos about evidence on critictising isn't a good thing at all and just proves how much of a back stabbing hypocrite this guy is!

"Proving he can't take criticism" LOL. These days "criticism" is relentless online attacking like the hounds of hell, until you are fired by your employer, and estranged from all family and friends, even if you are totally innocent. Social media is now judge, jury, and vicious executioner.

This is turning into YandereDev all over again. His attitude is disgusting. I guess he doesn't know the internet that well, once it's out there, it's out there forever.

6 He's basically claiming that "If you haven't created any art, you shouldn't criticize me."

While this isn't exactly what he said, based on how Hartman is acting right now, we might as well stand our ground and believe this is what he really believes in. Honestly, Hartman needs to realize there's a fine line between hate and criticism. To quote Tom 3.5 in his Haters speech, "Criticism serves a healthy function. Sometimes it can even help you get better. That's because it comes from a good place." Now I understand not a lot of people are being nice to Hartman about this whole Oaxis controversy, but to be honest, it's because we all trusted Hartman and respected him to a high degree as an animator and person. And now that Hartman's essentially gone behind his words and betrayed what we stood for, Hartman is in every sense of the word acting like a hypocritical bigot. Look, Hartman. I'm not the best artist around and I'm mostly that guy who's into video games and anime who just wants a career in Information Technology, but regardless of our interests and what our talents are, ...more

Yeah, that's a weak argument. That's like if I said, "You can't own a pet because you're not a veterinarian like me." Someone needs to get him off his high horse and bring him back down to earth for a reality check.

We have rights! I know people who criticize Taylor Swift and they aren't an artist. I don't know what is going on in this guy's head...

That's like saying we're not allowed to criticize the president if we've never been president before. This dude is just greedy and he wants attention.

7 He claims technology is the reason for kids' suicide and depression issues

Really depends, but most suicide issues are from bullying, abuse, etc. Don't blame it all on the media. Not all people have depression cause of a game. This is getting stupid and we need to know why they are depressed or suicidal, and help them. Not assume it's the media all the time.

I knew a friend who committed suicide because of her parents abuse. Not all suicide is caused by technology.

He also claimed suicide didn't really exist when he was a kid.

People on technology can be, but not the technology itself.

8 It's essentially clear that all of his backers for his Oaxis kickstarter funding campaign probably aren't all that real and are all just farces meant to fool people into thinking his funding campaign was a success

In case you all don't know about the fundraiser's goal for Oaxis, Hartman wanted to raise a WHOPPING $250,000 bucks just to fund his so-called Oaxis streaming service! What a load of baloney! And that's not all. Hartman wasn't even specific about his Oaxis streaming service, yet he thinks innocent kids and teens are gullible enough to trust him with their money. Who does Hartman think he is? Mr. Krabs from the episode "Krabby Land" where he scammed innocent kids out of their money while not caring about their own health and safety? Because even TRAFON made a good comparison with this episode in the form of a meme tweet. Oh, and do I need to mention that Hartman foolishly thought he could get 10 people to fess up $10,000 dollars just to become their own animated characters voiced by themselves on a show they don't even remotely know anything about? Well, the last time I checked, there was probably FOUR donors who volunteered for this. Who would literally want to waste thousands of ...more

Anyone else find it sus that most of his donations come from the springs?

9 He took down @DuelingDuelist's video where he insulted him during a live stream

Heh, YouTube drama always manages to be infuriating. It's bad enough I see some of my favorite YouTubers like Saberspark having to always deal with copyright issues with their videos, but to see a professional animator-turned-YouTuber go down this path and go as far as to do everything in his power in desperation to take down a poor YouTuber's video showing proof of Hartman essentially bullying him is just downright inexcusable. For shame, Hartman. FOR SHAME! Anyways, to sum up the whole situation, Hartman basically insulted @DuelingDuelist for no good reason during a live stream. Not only that, but Hartman also went on to criticize people who opposed Oaxis by labeling them as "People who have done nothing with their lives" and "Can't do anything themselves". You know, I really got to thank TRAFON for recording all this evidence in his tweets for the greater good. I mean, TRAFON is almost like me. We both had utmost respect for Butch Hartman and his animated shows, but once he fell ...more

What is next this list?

10 He's deleting any and all negativity on his kickstarter campaign for Oaxis and also lashing out at fans who legitimately supported the project and now demanding refunds as a result

So apparently, now that there's massive Internet Backdraft against the whole Oaxis fundraiser, Hartman is essentially at his breaking point. And what do I mean by breaking point? Well, it's pretty simple. Part of the Internet Backdraft involves all the actual fans who were supporting Oaxis now suddenly wanting to get refunds as a result of the whole controversy. And how exactly is Hartman reacting to this? By not only denying his fans their refunds, but deleting any and all negativity on his kickstarter campaign as an extra measure from all the backlash he's getting for his deplorable actions! In the words of Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy, "What a weasel! ". Might as well throw in Eddy's line "I want my money back! " in as well. Honestly, at this point, Hartman is practically a con artist that's on a worse level than Eddy, Mr. Krabs, and Wario COMBINED. It's one thing to not accept criticism, but to simultaneously refuse to give out refunds and deleting any criticisms of his fundraiser is ...more

Fame took over him... He was a nice guy, I can't look up to him anymore. Why is he becoming greedy like the others? We got YandereDev, now him, what is going on?!

No one knows why, it's sad that people are so money and fame hungry and it's proof that greed doesn't pay at all.

Greed isn't the only problem with Yanderedev, he's a pedo too.

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? He's ignorant
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11 He claims that he "made your childhood" He claims that he

This is one of the most backhanded and condescending statements that I have ever heard. Regardless of what kind of relationship you have with a show or movie, it's completely ridiculous to assume that sitting in front of a screen was the most integral part of you growing up. You didn't make my childhood, Butch. Playing whiffle ball with my brother and cousins, eating spaghetti at my Grandma's house every Thursday, playing on soccer and baseball teams, and going to Ocean City, New Jersey for vacation every summer is what made my childhood. I don't care if you created some shows I liked when I was younger. I don't owe you a damn thing.

That's funny. I don't recall him creating The Muppets, Disney, Animaniacs, Thomas the Tank Engine, Blue's Clues, Scooby-Doo, Theodore Tugboat, Sesame Street, Mr. Men, VeggieTales, most of the books I've read, any of the Humungous Entertainment or Living Books games, a majority of Cartoon Network shows, Rocko's Modern Life, SpongeBob, Ren and Stimpy, or any other Nickelodeon show that wasn't FOP.

No you didn't make my childhood. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans (2003), Codename Kids Next Door, Jimmy Neutron, Ed, Edd, N' Eddy, Dexter's Labatory, Johnny Bravo, SpongeBob (Ironically when I was like 2-5 I think), Scooby Doo, Phineas & Ferb, and even though I hate to admit Chowder made up more of my childhood than: FOP, Danny Phantom, and Tuff Puppy ever did.

Just because you made a few shows that I watched growing up doesn't mean you made my childhood. Not to mention that two of those shows suffered from seasonal rot (FOP and Danny Phantom), and the other two people aren't too crazy about (TUFF Puppy and Bunsen Is a Beast).

12 Him not answering any LGBTQ questions in regards to Oaxis only adds fuel to the fire in the rumors that he's homophobic

I say rumors because it's not 100% confirmed that Hartman is really homophobic, but with how he's acting right now on the grounds it's for Christianity, I wouldn't be surprised if Hartman really was against LGBTQ. I had my skepticism when I heard rumors that Butch Hartman was following Donald Trump on Twitter and is supposedly a Trump supporter with Christian conservative views, but now it's suddenly all coming to light. And to think this was the same person who was friends with Seth MacFarlane, who holds liberal views and opposes Trump. Oh, and Butch Hartman once talked with Chris Savino on a Nick Animation podcast, and we ALL KNOW what happened with Chris Savino once his sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. That said, according to TRAFON, while he's heard rumors that Hartman is homophobic, he's DEFINITELY caught wind of Hartman not answering any LGBTQ questions related to Oaxis. While I understand people have the freedom to choose if they don't want to answer certain questions ...more

He's probably busy.

13 He said that introverts are selfish and self-centered

I am so upset about this one. I'm introverted, I have friends who are introverted, and my best friend, my light of my life, the very reason I'm still alive to this very day, is introverted. She is the single most selfless person I've ever met, doing things like
-staying up in the middle of the night with me during panic attacks
-talking me down from SUICIDE, which is a struggle for ANOTHER COMMENT
-and for the longest time she was the DAMN ONLY PERSON who cared about me
Just because introverts need time to recharge does not mean they are selfish! It's literally just their way of taking care of themselves.
Honestly, calling them selfish is one of the most selfish things you could do, because it implies that they owe you something.

That's completely untrue. I'm sure there's a lot of introverted people out there who are selfish and do not care about others, but assuming that every single one of them is selfish is just childish and ignorant. I'm an introverted person, and I'm fine with that. I don't need some holier-than-thou has-been cartoonist to tell me that I'm a bad person just because I have some self-confidence issues and I'm a little socially awkward. We're all different and it's our slight differences that make us our own individual people. Butch Hartman, you truly are a piece of garbage.

I'm a introvert myself trying to become an extrovert, and when I heard Mr. Heartless Butch here say that, I lost all hope from him and I was so angry that I could punch a wall! I've helped lots of people and I'm an introvert! I've also seen extroverts that are selfish! Why did he assume that all are there? So that means I'm selfish?! The only one I'm going to be selfish to is YOU Hartman.

I'm more of an introvert myself and have trouble socializing with others, and I have to say, that it's very ironic and hypocritical that you try to claim people like me are "selfish and self-centered" when the only person who is being just like that is YOU, Hartman.

14 He thinks that "people can be cured from autism by god's prayer"

As someone who actually does have autism, I can safely that this was the last straw. This guy just can't stop making himself look like a jerk. This makes me never want to watch Fairly Odd Parents ever again. Not just the bad episodes, ALL of the episodes.

I'm Protestant and happen to have autism/Asperger's Syndrome, and I will say, if you didn't hate Butch before, you will now (and it's even more of an example of how he gives Christianity a bad name). >:(

And I don't need to be "cured" from having autism, I'm fine the way God made me.

This should really be number one on the list.

As an autistic Christian... yikes...

15 He is backed by the Church of Bethel

According to a Google Docs form, if I recall correctly, the Church of Bethel essentially supports a right-wing Christian cult that wants to take over the world and convert everyone to Christianity by force and domination... Yeah, connect the dots and you can pretty much see the horrible implications of what Butch Hartman had in mind for Oaxis.

16 He cancelled Danny Phantom He cancelled Danny Phantom
17 He is arrogant and narcissistic
18 He keeps ignoring what he’s done
19 He is backed by Daystar, a Christian network with anti-LGBT views

Well... Funny thing, guys. I had a little bit of a Critical Research Failure here. While Daystar has had its fair share of controversies such as with the FCC investigation, Israel, and lawsuits, I was unable to find any concrete evidence of Daystar actually being anti-LGBT. I guess me and TRAFON just assumed the worst when he found out Daystar was backing Butch Hartman. He was right about Daystar being controversial, but the whole "anti-LGBT" thing was entirely a misconception from what I know. how is that a bad thing?

20 He acts like a hypocrite

Here's one tweet Butch Hartman made: "I don't care how talented you are: be nice to the people you work with. The person you're rude to today could be your boss tomorrow." Honestly, there's quite a few major flaws with that tweet. First of all, I've said it again and again, but this quote is just one of many quotes that prove Hartman can't take criticism since he thinks "people who critique are weak". Second, can't he look himself in the mirror? Why can't he be nice to the people he's being funded and supported by too? Oh wait, it's because he doesn't care about the children! He cares about their money! Yep, this guy is the Mr. Krabs of the animation industry. And finally, he's basically putting down anyone regardless of talent even though he once stated people shouldn't criticize him if they haven't created any art. In other words, his own words contradict themselves. Cat got your tongue, Hartman?

Says that he wants to make a streaming network that's family friendly, yet he made a cartoon where a male fairy got pregnant.

21 He keeps making clickbait thumbnails

Sorry, Hartman. I'm not putting up with your clickbait thumbnails no more. And even if you didn't have them, you still deserved to have more disliked than likes on your YouTube videos for a week or two since you couldn't even properly address and express your apologies for your controversy.

22 According to a Toonzone forum, it turns out the real reason Danny Phantom got cancelled was because Butch Hartman overspent on the show's budget, not because it got screwed by Nickelodeon

Well, Jimmy Neutron got cancelled because of The Ant Bully's failure, so you can't just blame the Sponge.

Is this true? Is Toonzone a reliable source?

23 He wrote an "apology" letter on Twitter to his fans that was too vague and dodgy about what he was getting online backlash for
24 He is unable to handle controversy and criticism with the dignity and grace you would expect from a seasoned professional.
25 He called a fan a 12-year old on an Instagram live stream for making a Burger King Foot Lettuce meme reference

... Worse than the narrator's voice

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