Top Ten Reasons Why Buttercup is Better Than Rainbow Dash

I dedicate this to the person who gave me this idea and my BFF on TheTopTens.

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21 Rainbow Dash slapped Applejack

I want to slap Rainbow Dash - TwilightKitsune

Is this a friend?! Slapping your friend is a bully, not loyalty! - ChatNoirFan18

22 Rainbow Dash never shuts up

Buttercup should tell her to do it.

Shut up you stupid Rainbow Dash else, I will kill you!

*pretends to be RD* OMIGASH LOOKS AT ME I CAN DO A SHAWNIC WAMEBOOM! - TwilightKitsune

23 Buttercup doesn't brag as much as Rainbow Dash
24 Rainbow Dash trips people, Buttercup doesn't

Rainbow Dash TRIPPED Fluttershy in Rainbow Rocks with no shame. If Buttercup tripped someone, she'd apologize instantly.

I agree with you Twilight Kitsune, also at least Buttercup is apologetic and says sorry a lot, Rainbow Dash barely apologizes and can't admit she did something wrong.

25 Buttercup is not a camper like Rainbow Dash

Buttercup is a savage like Max in CrizRaging

26 Rainbow Dash is takes her friends for granted

She would take anything and trade it with one of her friends, not loyal at all.

She only uses them for fame.

27 Rainbow Dash is selfish

Watch the ticket master she did not care how she made twilight feel and stress her out she always brags about how she is the best - TwilightKitsune

Merry Christmas,Twilight Kitsune.

28 Rainbow Dash wants to be the new Buttercup and steal her fame

She is but she can't and you know why? Because Rainbow Dash is super whiny and annoying and brags a lot. Buttercup is cool and strong and opposite of rainbow dash.

29 Buttercup is more loyal than Rainbow Dash

Buttercup never left her sisters doing the work while she does nothing, she stands up to them and never leaves them there. Rainbow dash barely has been loyal, most of the time she is not even loyal.

Buttercup is the one who literally does almost the whole entire fight. At least Blossom is grateful to her, but Bubbles does not even thank her. But I still like all ppg though.

30 Buttercup isn't overrated or annoying like Rainbow Dash

Buttercup deserves more fans than Dash. I feel sorry for buttercup because she gets mistreated, one of the reasons why she bullies, and people hate her for that. Dash gets treated so well, yet she bullies for no reason, yet people like her for that. that's messed up.

If I could go to Equestria, I would take a few mp3 players with collections Of Justin Bieber's baby(both in the real song and on the remixes) In 48 hours loop versions and It will say 'Baby Baby Baby Oooh' all the time. I will give it to Diamond Tiara&Silver Spoon for being snobs, and every other villain in MLP. And like What I'm trying to say, I will give one for Rainbow Dash because she's annoying and she gets too much attention. No offense - MLPFan

31 Rainbow Dash is the reason people hate Buttercup

They forgot how good buttercup was and moved on to rainbow dash, the good thing is that there is a 2016 ppg reboot and buttercup will come back. If the show is good, people will realize how buttercup is so much better.

32 Buttercup looks better than Rainbow Dash

Buttercup is cute, she has the most beautiful green eyes, and I like her jet black hair, green and black are an awesome combination. Rainbow dash looks like a clown with all the colors she has, she is ugly and has ugly hair.

Buttercup is adorable, as I mentioned before, RD looks like a clown fused with an alienated horse - mayamanga

Buttercup looks like a chibi <3 - ChatNoirFan18

33 Buttercup is faster than Rainbow Dash

Buttercup went so fast that she went to the future, rainbow dash is slower. Buttercup would beat dash in a race.

Buttercup is super faster, stronger, and better than RD! Go Buttercup! - ChatNoirFan18

34 Buttercup does not think she is the greatest thing ever
35 Buttercup apologizes to those she bullies, Rainbow Dash doesn't

And people say Rainbow Dash is nicer than Buttercup just because she is less aggresive. At least Buttercup apologizes to those she bullies, but Rainbow Dash doesn't even apologize to Fluttershy for bullying her, which means she doesn't even care.

36 She's a hypocrite

If she's all about loyalty, then why did she b____ slap Apple Jack? - mayamanga

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