Top 10 Reasons Why Buttercup is the Best Powerpuff Girl

All three Powerpuff Girls are awesome their own way. But one of them is the most appealing to someone. I think Buttercup is the most appealing to me. And to her fans too. Buttercup fans, if you are a fan of her, either on this site or a visitor from another site, then this list is for you. Even if you do not think Buttercup is the best PPG, you still might like it. I am talking about Buttercup from the original Powerpuff Girls, not her in the reboot. She is my favorite cartoon character.
The Top Ten
You can relate to her more than any other Powerpuff Girl because of her problems, tomboyish attitude, and tough nature
Buttercup does not have a special power, yet she doesn't need it since she is naturally strong

Yes! She is better than the others even though she has no power.

She doesn't have any powers since she has the power of flight.

She is way too strong to have a speical power, no wonder she does not have one

She is the least Mary Sue like Powerpuff Girl since she makes a lot of mistakes

None of the PPG are Mary Sues, but Buttercup is farther away from being a Mary Sue than Blossom and Bubbles.

I find Bubbles is the mary sue. Mary sues are crybabies.

Other than her being tough, she actually has a sensitive side, which makes her a more interesting character

Duh! Everyone knows she and Bubbles are in a ersatz homosexual relationship.

She is the fastest and strongest Powerpuff Girl in the show

She is, bubbles and blossom are just weird sorta!

Buttercup may look unlikable since she is sometimes mean and does bad things, but inside, she feels sympathy and shame for doing something wrong, she actually realizes her own problem

I feel bad for her but sometimes, her voice in 1998 is just WOAH THAT IS AMAZING!

Her anger and the way she acts makes her hilarious, especially when she imitates someone or tells a joke
Even if she sometimes argues with her sisters, she really cares about them and is quite protective of them

Totally! Buttercup is probably the most protective of her sisters!
Remember that episode "Buttercrush" where she has a crush on Ace. But when she finds the Gangreen Gang about to drop Blossom and Bubbles in a pit of lava, she rushes in and saves them. And she beats the Gangreen Gang up, and leaves Ace for last and beats him up with much more ferocity and rage. Then she apologizes to Blossom and Bubbles and hugs them. She obviously loves her sisters above all else and will show no mercy to anyone who hurts them.

She is the one that does most of the work in fighting with her sisters since she likes to help in fighting, and she can even fight by herself without any help
She is savage
The Contenders
Her ideas and accidents help the most dangerous fights and bad situations

You will notice that in the hardest most, dangerous fights, Buttercup is the one who solves it. Bubbles' vision was blurry in one episode, if it weren't for Buttercup accidently hitting her heat ray vision at Bubbles' eyes, then that would be bad because Bubbles needs her sight to fight and she would get made fun of even more.

She is just simply an awesome tomboy who is cool and likes to fight
She has the cutest voice
She isn't afraid of a challenge
Her signature color is green
She has a cat

Gumball Is Her Best Friend

She is the most loyal Powerpuff girl in the show
She is the coolest in the show
She is a badass
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