Top Ten Reasons Why Buzzfeed Sucks

BuzzFeed Is A Very Lazy Article Website Of Making On Articles Of Giving Insults Not Being On Useful Facts And A Lack Of Creativity Of A Website Giving Such A Bad Reputation For BuzzFeed Viral Content. It's Mostly A Website For Dig Articles, For Dig People As For Being Losers And Idiot.

BuzzFeed Is So Far One Of The Most Idiotic And Irritating Websites Ever On Mindless Article Websites.

The Top Ten

1 Creators Are Uninformative And Unimaginative
2 BuzzFeed Articles Are Stolen From Other Articles
3 Bad Labeling Of Being Outdated
4 Lack Of Creativity
5 Terms Of Copywriting
6 GIFs

That's annoying, they don't even work properly😠 - Ananya

7 Articles Are Mostly On Insults Than Facts Or Information.
8 BuzzFeed Quizzes

Have you ever seen those riddle videos and then when they show you the riddle in the video, It doesn't give you the answer? That's basically the same for the quizzes for BuzzFeed sometimes

You should watch Glove and Boots video about it

I am a person who generally likes quizzes and polls so I took this opinions test and it is a quiz,not a poll,so the right answer is a thing the creator likes and the wrong answer(s) are what he doesn't like.

If you want ta dae that make a feckin poll. - DapperPickle

9 Countless Writers
10 Their Lists Are All Idiotic Clickbait

No I don't have to know what happened at that one wedding, so I don't know why they think it's worth it for me to click and load through 20 pages to find out.

Seriously, I once saw a list that said

The Contenders

11 Social Justice Warriors preach using Buzzfeed
12 They Spread Lies

Ex: "Bratz is a feminist masterpiece! >8(".

13 They Hate Snape

They hate the best Hary Potter character

14 Inappropriate for Kids and Adults

There is loads of bad words for kids and loads of biast news for adults - Maddox121

15 They Constantly Talk About Race
16 The Rankings Are Misleading
17 Even though Bratz is an anti-feminist hellhole, BuzzFeed confronted us by calling Bratz a feminist masterpiece
18 They made a video of a black woman whipping a white slave

Inexcusable! - 445956

19 Obsession with the Kardashian-Jenner family

If you're a fan of the family, great! But Buzzfeed promotes that family's fame as if they deserve to be famous

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