Reasons Why Caillou Is Better Than the Simpsons


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1 Caillou Is Hot, Homer Is Not

The Simpsons is BETTER than Caillou, idiot! - FinnsWorld

Nice rhyme, but stupid list

You are a dumb turd - TwilightKitsune

FinnsWorld stop it. this list and his acc are satire

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2 Everyone Loves Caillou

Idiot, everyone in TheTopTens hates Caillou cause he a spoiled little brat who gets in his way by throwing temper tantrums.

No. Everyone hates him. - FinnsWorld

Actually, everyone hates Caillou.

Not everyone likes it.
I don't like it.
Some people like it but I don't.

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3 Nobody Likes the Simpsons

I like The Simpsons - FinnsWorld

Everybody likes the Simpsons, nobody likes Caillou.

This list is just the opposite.

The Simpsons is my favourite show and Caillou is rubbish - Gangem

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4 Caillou Is Fun

Honest discription of this show..the show centers around a little ignorant toddler with cancer who throws temper tantrums but somehow gets his way - humanperson

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5 Caillou Throws Great Tantrums

He is joking* praying to lord he is*

OH YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? is this list the opposite because I can tell you right now that Caillou throws horrible tantrums. What a stupid list that someone made. What a waste of my time reading this dumb list. The Simpson's is way better than this cry baby brat.

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6 The Simpsons Are Overrated V 1 Comment
7 Bart and Homer Are Terrible V 1 Comment
8 Caillou Joins the Circus Was the Best 3 Minutes of TV Ever V 1 Comment
9 Caillou Pinched Rosie In One Episode

This shows why Caillou sucks. Everyone vote for this to be number 1.

Showing kids to pinch their people around them!

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10 Justin Bieber Was On The Simpsons

You knwo what? I am gonna put something bad about Caillou on this list.

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11 Caillou is a Brat
12 Caillou is for All Ages

No It is for dummy crybabys and brats

13 Caillou is Educational

No - Gangem

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