Reasons Why Call of Duty is the Best Video Game Series Ever

The Top Ten Reasons Why Call of Duty is the Best Video Game Series Ever

1 It's Realistic

OK, this is just unacceptable. - protobro

It's not the best franchise ever, But It's pretty good - B1ueNew

AHHH! (Throws chair)

This Dude Is A Moron - VideoGamefan5

2 All the Cool Kids Play It

Trolls are wannabes. - protobro

If by cool you mean " stupid and obnoxious" then you are correct

They only play it to become violent and swear all the time.

And those kids spell them as kool, not cool.

3 It's Rated M

I'm sorry, but most western M-rated games suck, in my opinion. The only good ones I can tell are Elder Scrolls games, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Halo. Most of the rest of them try to look as painfully edgy as possible (looking at you, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto). - KalloFox34

Grand Theft Auto is good though you just look at it like the media

Rated T and rated M games are the best games out there. - Therandom

Just because Call of Doody (I replaced "Duty" with "Doody" because I hate it) is rated M it doesn't make it any better.

So what? - cdxtreme

4 It's Popular

Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's necessarily a good game - protobro

So is Super Mario - KingSlayer93316

SO?!, Justin Bieber Is Popular And He SUCKS! - VideoGamefan5

5 It's Manly

"Manly." Sure, cardboard characters saying some pointless things is manly. - MKBeast

Violence, cussing, blood, its what makes it so popular - KoolGuy2218

That stuff is pretty cool, not just in Call of Duty, but other stuff too. - Therandom

Sexist much? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

6 The Online Play

The online play is pretty good - B1ueNew

Video games don't always have to have online play.

Yeah, because there aren’t hundreds of other games with multiplayer. - Not_A_Weeaboo

7 It's On Xbox

Who cares? Xbox is kinda overrated.. - protobro

Its on PlayStation as well though - B1ueNew

KoolGuy, ever play assassins creed? - Therandom

KoolGuy, I Bet You've Never Played Halo Or Battlefield - VideoGamefan5

I think Halo is a lost cause now. Unless they bring back local split screen, I will not bring back faith in it. - SelfDestruct

8 New Game Every Year

Umm, that's not really a reason but ok - B1ueNew

Every year. Same game. No innovation (mainly Black Ops).

I hope the upcoming 2016 Infinite Warfare will be its last.

Due to Activisions greed - hugh201

Ya one that disappoints everyone and makes them ask for a refund

9 Zombies

Zombies is great, Its just challenging - B1ueNew

Out of all of the reasons, this is the only one that's true. Too bad Black Ops 3 botched it up by making Easter eggs way too complicated. - MKBeast

More modes for nazi zombies! WHOOP DEE DOO! - DCfnaf

Dude, that's not healthy

10 It's a Great Game for 9 Year Olds Who Have Short Tempers

This is the only correct item. - KalloFox34

Really? Do you want kids to become violent?

The Contenders

11 It's a Great Way to Spend Time

And it's also a good way to make your face melt - protobro

True, it's a good way to waste time on good games such as WaW and BO - SirSkeletorThe3rd

It's okay, but there's many better options to spend time. - MKBeast

12 Raging Kids
13 It Retains Split-Screen Multiplayer

In the age where this is a dying feature, I will have to give Activision/Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Sledgehammer Games credit for still supporting it. - SelfDestruct

14 Fun Campaigns

The campaign are pretty fun, not gonna lie - B1ueNew

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