Reasons Why Call of Duty is the Best Video Game Series Ever


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1 It's Realistic

What the, HOW! You try joining the military! See how realisitc Call of Duty is

I swear, the graphics look better than real-life - KoolGuy2218

That's why Call of Duty sucks. I hate realism. Video Games were invented to get out of the real world, not continue living in it! - NikBrusk

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2 All the Cool Kids Play It

If by cool you mean " stupid and obnoxious" then you are correct

They only play it to become violent and swear all the time.

And those kids spell them as kool, not cool.

Ugh some 8 to 12 years olds play it to be immature

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3 It's Popular

SO?!, Justin Bieber Is Popular And He SUCKS! - VideoGamefan5

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4 It's Rated M

Most M rated games are good but I can name a lot that suck (e.g., Danganronpa games, M-rated Megami Tensei games, and my personal worst game of all time, Ride to Hell: Retribution). - SelfDestruct

Just because Call of Doody (I replaced "Duty" with "Doody" because I hate it) is rated M it doesn't make it any better.

Now before you rant, think to yourself... are there any good E rated games? And are there any bad M rated games? - KoolGuy2218

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5 It's Manly

"Manly." Sure, cardboard characters saying some pointless things is manly. - MKBeast

Violence, cussing, blood, its what makes it so popular - KoolGuy2218

That stuff is pretty cool, not just in Call of Duty, but other stuff too. - Therandom

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6 The Online Play

Video games don't always have to have online play.

7 It's On Xbox V 3 Comments
8 New Game Every Year

Every year. Same game. No innovation (mainly Black Ops).

I hope the upcoming 2016 Infinite Warfare will be its last.

Ya one that disappoints everyone and makes them ask for a refund

Some people hate annual releases, but I don't. - Therandom

Hope Call Of Duty fans boys shut up! - Randomteenager

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9 Zombies

Out of all of the reasons, this is the only one that's true. Too bad Black Ops 3 botched it up by making Easter eggs way too complicated. - MKBeast

More modes for nazi zombies! WHOOP DEE DOO! - DCfnaf

NEVER gets boring. I once played it for 18 hours strait. - KoolGuy2218

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10 It's a great game for 9 year olds who have short tempers

Really? Do you want kids to become violent?

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11 It's a Great Way to Spend Time

True, it's a good way to waste time on good games such as WaW and BO - SirSkeletorThe3rd

It's okay, but there's many better options to spend time. - MKBeast

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