Top Ten Reasons Why Canada Doesn't Deserve Hate

The Top Ten

1 It is a peaceful country

Except for all that hockey, right?

2 It brought us hockey

It brought us Justin Bieber too, though. - 00Squidward

3 The people are really nice

Thank you! :-) - clusium

4 The Canadian NHL teams have great fan bases

Except Oiler fans they're insane.

5 Attractive cities

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

6 They invented basketball

Nope, we didn't. We invented Hockey and Curling, though! - Blight

James Naismith was a legal resident of the US for decades, effectively a Canadian ex-pat. His sole invention of the game is still a matter of contention.

Wrong. Though it was introduced by a Canadian, it was at Springfield College in Massachusetts.

*Right. The post states that "they (Canadians) invented basketball" not that basketball was invented in Canada. A Canadian studying in another country is still a Canadian. - Matthewn1999

7 It is war-free

Sucks for them - bobbythebrony

Why? I feel safe here. You wanna live in fear? Sure. Go ahead. Feel free. - Blight

It's "war-free" because it's protected by the world's biggest junkyard dog, with which it is fortunate to share a border.

8 They invented maple syrup

This is a stretch. Maple syrup was first produced by American Indians, and no one knows on which side of the border this might have first occurred.

No, we invented Maple syrup, don't trust everything you read on the Internet. - Blight

9 They legalized gay marriage

This is a bad thing - bobbythebrony

I disagree with it, but just because you also disagree with it, doesn't mean it's completely and utterly bad. - Blight

10 They have ketchup chips

Yes, we do! C: - Blight

The Contenders

11 They have Tim Horton's
12 Because Terry Fox inspired millions of people to fight cancer

And people are blaming us for Justin Bieber. How stupid. Terry Fox is awesome! C: - Blight

13 Their cartoons aren't that bad.

Ed, Edd n' Eddy

Total Drama

Totally Spies!

Martin Mystery

Team Galaxy

Monster Buster Club

Redakai: Conquer the Kairu

Edgar and Ellen

Storm Hawks



Jibber Jabber


Mucha Lucha

Jacob Two-Two


What About Mimi?



Yakkity Yak

Viva Pinata

Di-Gata Defenders

Jane and the Dragon

Max and Ruby

League of Super Evil


George and Martha

George of the Jungle (2007)


Atomic Betty

Mona the Vampire

Ying Yang Yo!

World of Quest


Rickey Sprocket: Showbiz Boy


Jimmy Two-Shoes

Growing Up Creepie

Viva Pinata

Stickin' Around

Pippi Longstocking

Bibi Blocksberg

Alpha Teens on Machines

What's With Andy?

Kid vs. Kat

Best ...more

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