Top 10 Reasons Why Cannibal Corpse is the Greatest Music Artist of All Time

Anyone who has a great taste in music like myself will know that Cannibal Corpse is in fact the greatest music artist ever. This list will have all the reasons for why this band is the greatest of all time.

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1 Their Lyrics are Great

The poetic, symbolic beauty in their lyrics are hands down the most powerful, inspiring messages to be passed down to the next generation. Otherwise the next generation will become zombies and we'll have to kill them all and make sure their corpses stay dead in ways that would destroy the 2 ounces of credibility I have if I were to continue with this joke. Kill or become. - nerffan8000

Agreed 100%, lyrics about raping dead bodies, blood, and guts are super duper inspiring. - CharismaticKat

And super relatable too! I often find myself listening to one of their amazing songs and thinking "Hey, I do that."

The lyrics are so good. They have 100% positive messages. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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2 Chris Barnes is a Great Vocalist

If sounding, like you're choking on syrup counts as singing. Then yes, he's a great "singer"...

Totally. The moment his angelic voice entered my ears, I felt like I was floating in the sky. - CharismaticKat

His growling gives me goosebumps! - Userguy44

He is without a doubt the best member of this band and the best vocalist of all time. It's a shame he left but his vocals are so damn good, especially on the song "I C m Blood" what a wonderful work of art that song is. - MetalWorldOrder

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3 Their Music is Great

It's awesome brutal death metal, what more could you ask for? - MetalWorldOrder

4 They Made the Best Album of All Time

That album my friends is Tomb of the Mutilated, that album is such a great concept lyrically and it classics on it such as "Necropedophile", "Hammer Smashed Face" and of course the 2nd greatest song ever made "I C m Blood" - MetalWorldOrder

It’s even better than Dark Side Of The Moon. - Userguy44

5 Alex Webster is a Great Bassist Alex Webster is a Great Bassist

Yes he truly is a great bassist, have you heard the bass in "Hammer Smashed Face"? It's so awesome in that track. - MetalWorldOrder

6 George Fisher is a Great Vocalist

Not as good as Barnes is he is really good as well, I really love his preformance in "As Deep As the Knife Will Go" ah what a great love song that is. - MetalWorldOrder

Corpsegrinder has the best vocals. - Userguy44

7 They Stay True to Their Sound

Just like other great bands such as AC/DC and Nickelback they stay true to who they are and every album of theirs is a masterpiece - MetalWorldOrder

8 They're Funny

This is the only thing I like about Cannibal corpse. They can be entertaining sometimes. - LightningStrike

Them and Anal C*** are the funniest music artists ever! - Userguy44

9 They're a Metal Band

A death metal band to be more exact but still a metal band nontheless which their music is automatically good because it's metal and it's a well known fact that metal = good. - MetalWorldOrder

10 Their Album Covers are Good

All of their album covers are great works of art that rival paintings done by renaissance artists. - MetalWorldOrder

I know right. They are true works of art. - CharismaticKat

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11 Their Music is Appropriate for All Ages and Demographics

Any children who love the Cookie Monster would love Cannibal Corpse. - MetalWorldOrder

This list made me laugh. Thanks you made my day with it.

Even kids like this kind of music and soon elders will too. - Userguy44

Everyone should listen to them. - CharismaticKat

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12 They Were in the Movie Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

They were so good that Jim Carrey wanted them in one of his best movies, and I have to thank this movie for making them more popular because this band deserves to be popular. - MetalWorldOrder

What a acomplishment indeed - iliekpiez

Oh yeah yeah

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1. Their Lyrics are Great
2. Chris Barnes is a Great Vocalist
3. They Made the Best Album of All Time
1. They're Funny
2. Alex Webster is a Great Bassist
3. They Stay True to Their Sound


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