Top 10 Reasons Why Cannibalism Should Be Legal

Cannibalism is a very weird thing, as it is the consumption of another human's parts in order to get nutritional gain. It is banned in many places, but there are different reasons as to why people are advocating it.

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1 Life is all about survival

That means you need to learn how to survive in this very wild and harsh world. You can eat anything as you wish. - 2cool4u

Please eat yourself. You'll be doing the world a favor - Getting rid of one less moron.

Tell me, do I get twice as large by eating myself or do I disintegrate? Haha! - 2cool4u

The person who is eaten doesn't survive though. - Skullkid755

So what's next...Top Ten Reasons to eat Human Appendix... - Ananya

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2 We have the right to eat what we want

We need to have more civil rights and economic freedoms. Hell, we can even sell organs of dead humans if they're unclaimed. - 2cool4u

Well other people have a right to not be eaten as well.

3 We are running low on food supply

Sometimes the best way to alleviate the food supply problem is to look for anything edible around us. As I said, life is all about survival. - 2cool4u

4 We are overpopulated

The best solution to overpopulation is conducting The Hunger Games. - 2cool4u

Then the human race would be over-traumatized and over-depressed. - Skullkid755

5 Human body parts are nutritious

What if the person that you eat have too many illness? - RoseCandyMusic

It's rich in protein and it will help you grow and get stronger. - 2cool4u

6 Human body parts being used as food could give a lasting food supply

Imagine going to war and you don't have food to eat. You're so hungry but the only edible thing in your surroundings is an enemy you just killed. You can just eat his organs to survive. - 2cool4u

7 Human body parts are said to be delicious

I've seen people who eat the organs and meat of the terrorists they killed and they said it tasted great! Why can't we do the same? - 2cool4u

8 Human body parts can be used as food in the absence of plants and other animals

This is very applicable during wars. We can even learn how to clone human meat that's actually rich in nutrients. - 2cool4u

9 Predation is a natural aspect among animals

We humans are also animals, and cannibalism is predation. Eating organs is natural. - 2cool4u

10 It's found in nature

In nature, certain animals are seen to eat their young and/or mates. Therefore, cannibalism is completely natural and ok for humans to practice. Yes, I pride myself in being very open minded. - eventer51314

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11 It is cost-efficient

It's not as expensive as plants and animals in terms of cost-benefit ratio. - 2cool4u

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