Top Ten Reasons Why Cardi B Sucks

I HATE Cardi B. She's worse than any rapper except Iggy Azalea and Kodak Black, and that's saying something. Idc if y'all start whining that 6ix9ine or Lil Uzi Vert are worse. This is my opinion and deal with it.

The Top Ten

1 She's rude

She literally attacks anyone who pisses her off. At LEAST Minaj doesn't do that. She also comes off as rude in her interviews. - CharismaticKat

2 She doesn't care about her daughter

She named the little girl Kulture. That proves she doesn't care about her at all. I bet the poor kid has a nanny who takes care of her while Cardi goes in and out of strip clubs. - CharismaticKat

She doesn’t care about her daughter? What a disgusting person! - Userguy44

That’s horrible. - BlazingParasol

3 She's a greedy bitch

Her songs say it all. - CharismaticKat

A stupid bitch who cares only about herself

4 She doesn't take any part in writing her songs

Poor Offset did all the hard work. - CharismaticKat

Yeah I feel bad for offset

5 All her songs are about the same things

You know, her personality does not affect the quality of her music. - iliekpiez

Nah I like that song with her and kehlani called Ring but I like it mostly because of kehlani, still good song - BreakFastBeast2005

S3x, money, stripping, expensive shoes, and being a 'bad bitch'. She gives rap music a bad name. - CharismaticKat

6 She says she's against stripping yet she promotes it in her songs and music videos

Watch the music video for Money or search up some of her lyrics. Nice try Cardi. - CharismaticKat

Also, it kind of looks like a Janelle Monae video. That is, with 200% less effort put into it - oneshot

7 She thinks she's above all

She thinks she's a queen lmao. - CharismaticKat

8 Her voice sounds awful

She sounds like a dog that swallowed a rubber duck and a fly

The real reason why I hate her music. - MrCoolC

It sounds like an autotuned cat. - CharismaticKat

9 She likes to be treated as a sex toy
10 She's a terrible role model for girls and women

I can't believe some of my classmates look up to this woman. - CharismaticKat

The Contenders

11 She’s ugly
12 She's annoying
13 She only cares for the money
14 Her music sucks
15 She's so ghetto
16 Says n**** all the time
17 She uses payola
18 She's racist
19 She's homophobic
20 She's transphobic
21 She told fans to commit suicide
22 She called a dead baby a monkey
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1. She's rude
2. She doesn't take any part in writing her songs
3. She doesn't care about her daughter
1. She's rude
2. She's a greedy bitch
3. She thinks she's above all
1. Her voice sounds awful
2. She's rude
3. She doesn't care about her daughter


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