Top 10 Reasons Why Cartoon Network Is Better Than the Disney Channel


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1 It Has Cartoons

Cartoons > Crappy live-action sitcoms. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Disney has cartoons too

And most of them are good! unlike
Disney Channel and Disney ,
Cartoon Network ai'nt obsessed over
people who sing all the time and dumb live action shows that are action packed and have dumb songs
all up in it!

I hart TAWOG!

2 It Has No Bad Actors

Yeah.they all do good on the voice
acting sometimes except for Teen
Titans Go,but the Steven Universe
voice actors does Voice acting better
then all of them and they never mess

3 It Has No Bad Actresses
4 It Has Good Cartoons

Yea everything on Disney only last four seasons and most of there cartoons suck - Matt92647

5 It's Appropriate

Not really, The shows on it nowadays are only for teenagers to adults, which explains the T.V.-PG rating, So do you think that's appropriate?

Rest of the shows don't really have a aspect ratio.

The live-action shows, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the movies does.

6 It's Creative
7 Kids and Adults Love It

It's not for kids anymore, now it has teen and adult programming only.

8 It's Less Boring
9 It's Not for Brats
10 It Teaches Kids Good Things

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11 It Has Better Modern Cartoons

It’s not that

12 Toilet and butt humor in Cartoon Network cartoons is not cringy
13 No Laugh Tracks
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