Top Ten Reasons Why the Cartoon Network Kids Show MAD Sucks

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1 They make fun of other things

What? I liked this show. And this is why it's funny. You don't complain about Robot Chicken, do you? - KalloFox34

This show is just awful - VideoGamefan5

that's the purpose of its existence

It’s the point... it’s a parody show. Plus, barely anyone who is being made fun of will watch this show.

2 Horrible animation

Yeah it's bad, but it's a guilty pleasure - Maddox121 (Will be anonymous until June 11th)

3 It's gross

Actually it should be on [adult swim]

Its pretty gross o be on CN - VideoGamefan5

4 Doesn't make sense

They just make fun of other things that's all - VideoGamefan5

Dear videogamefan5m that's the point

5 It is boring and hard to follow

Ugh his show doesn't make any sense - VideoGamefan5

6 The voice acting is annoying

Its annoying - VideoGamefan5

7 It makes other things look stupid

This is why I really hate this show - VideoGamefan5

8 The episodes are random

They are just very random - VideoGamefan5

9 It's rude
10 The theme song is terrible

The Contenders

11 They make fun of kids with autism
12 They make fun of Final Fantasy 7
13 They make fun of Teen Titans

At least it ain't like Teen Titans Go.

14 They put down anime fans
15 It's anti-feminist
16 Rip Off of Robot Chicken
17 They give the characters from movies and TV shows the wrong colors
18 They beat up loved characters
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