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1 Unlikable Characters

I'll be using Gumball, Steven Universe, and gravity Falls as examples to disprove this.


Gumball: Although Gumball can be a bit annoying, he's funny and has enough good characteristics to make him likable. He's your average cartoon kid, and that formula works well.

Darwin: Darwin is naive, super-kind, and is honestly better than gumball in my opinion. He can still be sarcastic, and honestly TAWOG's brand of humor seems like it would only work with a pair like Gumball and darwin, which it luckily got.

And an honorable mention for best character..

Nicole: Nicole is playing off the "strict mom" type of character, but she really goes beyond that. she is overworked, her voice is perfect, and in episodes like the Limit her mother qualities make her funny OR scary, depending on the situation.


Dipper: Dipper is my favorite character in the show (Besides waddles) and he's just kind of the one kid who just reads on ...more

This list is stupid, Cartoons were always a mixed bag

You must have been watching too much Teen Titans Go - RCrow

I think this list is talking about younger kids cartoons like on teletoon, because a lot of ones aimed for the preteen and teen demagraphic are actually really good

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2 Unfunny Jokes

Gravity Falls easily does not have any of these characteristics. - YakkoWakkoDot

Repetitive, boring and just unfunny jokes are one of the many problems cartoons have nowadays.

If you want unfunny look at Jhonny Test, Sanjay and Craig, Fish Hooks, Fanboy and ChumChum, and Breadwinners. If you like any of these shows You have a bad sense of humor, and you see no quality in nothing whatsoever. - BangkokIsFunny

Your still probably thinking of TTG - RCrow

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3 Lack of Originality

You know, Adventure Time and gumball aren't even that bad - YakkoWakkoDot

Good Cartoons (Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Duck Tales)

Cartoons that suck today (Regulr Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence)

Eh It's A Mix Bag When It Comes To Cartoons

Nowadays Cartoons Are Just As Original As Old Cartoons

I Mean We Had Good Cartoons And Bad Cartoons Back Then Too

Seriously? Even Uncle Grandpa is original. Everyone's uncle and grandpa, a pizza slice, a dinosaur, a talking fanny pack, and a real - 445956

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4 People Make Them Just For Money

Before, people actually put effort into making cartoons. Past cartoons were actually entertaining and funny. They suck these days because people make them for profit instead of for the entertainment of their viewers.

This is true, sadly. Corporate execs care more about money than quality, and cartoons are no exception.

I hate people saying this. I falcon love cartoons from back then, even cartoons right now! Cartoons back then did it for money as well, don't pretend they never did it for money. Heck, they made more money than cartoons right now. Not all cartoons right now do it for the money, even if they did, later they wont make anymore money, because the quality of the show. Look at He-Man,Thundercats,TMNT,etc did it for merchandise. Sure, those shows are great, but companies just butcher in more on the merchandising than the show itself which if the merchandise isn't successful it gets cancelled.


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5 Gross Out Gags

They rely on these gags over and over again as if they are catering to 4 year olds! There is nothing wrong with Mature humor!

6 Lack of Effort

This unfortunately is true of most modern cartoons. There are a few exceptions where there's actually a lot of effort put into them. But in most cases, cartoons are made with SO LITTLE EFFORT OR CARE at all.

Lack of effort definitely. Except for shows like korra and gravity falls. Those shows really try their best, dispite their parent network constantly screwing with them

Ugh! I hate things which are done without passion. - HezarioSeth

Without passion, it's a disaster

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7 They Can be Boring

I mean, most cartoons have a "One episode story" but animes have the whole series to finish a story more than just a bunch of random things and fights each day, I know, Gravity falls had somewhat a story, but still we got all this ones that don't, anime in the other hand, not for everyone, but... More original than nowadays cartoons

Family guy. The Simpsons. Futurama. All cartoons as well yet no one calls them that. Anime is a huge variety of genres, and if you think its crap that doesn't make sense because its all different.

Anime is way better than cartoons and you know it!

Anime can be boring as well. And anime are cartoons with a different animation style, that's it.

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8 We Have to Watch Them Instead of The Old School Stuff

They Should just get rid of all these awful cartoons and bring back the good old cartoons. - egnomac

Yeah we can't watch old school cartoons except on boomerang and on the internet for free I can understand liking the experience of watching an old show and wishing that it was still on TV but the fact is you can still watch them (sometimes on TV) and it isn't even that hard find them kind of diminishes your point - Gamer4life

Oh no its another 90s kid who is oblivious and only likes stuff from the 90s and hates everything else

Ben ten REBOOT is going to come soon for the next generations

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9 Teens Being Bratty and Not Getting in Trouble

Whatever happened to the day when brats actually got in trouble and punished for being, well, bratty?

You mean Disney shows and Total Drama? Total Drama is not good enough to be a cartoon - Totaldramamustdie

Yeah, in Disney Channel, the sitcoms, teens do bad things and they do not even get in trouble for it. We need those spoiled brats to be grounded! - AnimeDrawer

*cough TeenTitans Go *cough - RogerWatersfan1999

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10 Weak Plot-lines

The only three shows with decent plots are Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and Steven Universe. All three really started out strong. Adventure Time and Steven Universe kind of faltered after a while. They seemed to try to invest in characters who are already firmly likeable, waisting entire episodes on meaningless subplots. Gravity Falls was able to keep my attention until the end. The only thing I didn't like about it was that there didn't seem to be any real consequences at the end. Aside from those three, new cartoons really don't have any meaningful or interesting plots. There aren't any that are just supposed to be fun without plot, trying to create some silly plot that just takes away from any humor or fun. Older cartoons at least either had a plot or were just meant to be watched without needing to follow what happened before.

Sorry, but shows like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online may not have the strongest plot lines in anime, but they have way stronger plot lines than modern cartoons these days. Even SpongeBob is declining in its plot lines, which is why I decided to get back into anime.

My favorite cartoon show doesn't have a bad plot line, which was voted by 98% fans of the show, 78% of people who are neutral to the show and 5% of the haters of the show

Um, really? Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and many more toons have good plots. Plus, many old cartoons had no plot whatsoever.

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11 Ban of Guns

Some older Disney shows had guns (pistols, bazooka, rifles and more). At some point they decided to ban them.

If it's only fiction, then it shouldn't hurt anyone. I support the idea of everyone having the right to bear arms and I cannot stand political correctness. I wish more people could do something to stop this ban.

Wow, no guns? No violence? That totally sucks and stinks, I want guns and action. It is just an animated show, not a real life incident. They should bring this back, I don't want cartoons to be completely boring. - AnimeDrawer

I bet you can't even use Laser guns in today's cartoons, at least when I was growing up you were aloud to show laser guns, now everything has to be Y until you're 13! - RogerWatersfan1999

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12 Bad Spin-Off Shows of Great Cartoons

So true shows like Planet Sheen and The Cleveland Show. - egnomac

Teen Titans Go and The Powerpuff Girls 2016 say everything about spin offs of great cartoons. - AnimeDrawer

Unfortunately spin-offs can totally destroy great cartoons...the most toxic one began on cartoon network on november 14th 2015


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13 Lack of Ideas

Back in the day cartoons had a that kind of bling and originality, take robot boy for example it was damn awesome having that around and cartoons like megas xlr and samurai jack hell even the jetsons was awesome back in the day
cartoons now a days don't have style nor do they have that taste of freedom that was given too us in our childhood

14 Too Much Toilet Humor

Fart jokes are not funny to anyone except for very immature people.

Watch cow and chicken or ren and stimpy and tell they had less toilet humour than cartoons today - Gamer4life

I blame Pumbaa for this.

*cough* *cough* BREADWINNERS *Humph*

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15 Mean-Spiritedness and Sadism

This is pretty much the problem with Television in general nowadays.

I know that they can be mean-spirited, but how are they sadistic?

My Little Pony Putting Your Hoof DownTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 The Gauntlet

16 They Don't Have Any Charm
17 Cartoons These Days Are Nothing But Liberal Propaganda

*cough* Family Guy *cough*

I agree with this one. Too many cartoons have propaganda especially the ones on Cartoon Network these days.

Don't People watch cartoons to escape from this sort of nonsense?

18 They're Inappropriate

Take the Yogi Bear movie for example. Utter trash and a complete abomination to the old cartoon. - RiverClanRocks

Think of Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners. - nelsonerico6

Yeah, because shows like Ren & Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life were SO far from being weird and taught kids great morals.

Yes regular show chowder teen titans go flapjack the new powerpuff girls all have innaporpate jokes

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19 Too Down to Earth

Not enough wacky cartoons, honestly. Really the only shows that fit that bill these days are SpongeBob and TTG, and only SpongeBob actually does a good job at being wacky/cartoony.

That's a good thing, actually.

20 Because You Are Grown Up and You Don't Like Immature Jokes Anymore

You might have liked it back then but now you might not like now because you are older and the cartoons are getting worser doesn't mean the cartoons aren't getting better ITS JUST YOU NOT THE CARTOONS

Being mature is a joke INMATURE FO ever!

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