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21 They're Repetitive

Phineas & Ferb is the best explanation. - nelsonerico6

I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map.

22 Too Many Butt Jokes

Same with The Lion King... It was the first Disney film to have fart jokes.

Look at SpongeBob! The new SpongeBob episodes have WAY too many butt jokes.

Lots of old cartoons had potty humour.

I blame The Lion King.

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23 Turned Great Shows Into Garbage

Remember how great SpongeBob was but then after the movie we got terrible episodes like a pal for Gary pet sitter pat one course meal and many more. And it doesn't just apply with SpongeBob there are plenty of used to great but now suck these days.

Nowadays, half of the Nickelodeon shows try to re-create Ren and Stimpy.

That's why they make new cartoons, idiots.

Yes, let the "classics" stay as classics, there is no reason to bring said show back especially knowing how it might turn out in the end. (I am looking at you, Sonic SatAM fans)

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24 Repeated Way Too Much On TV

Instead of actually letting us see the new episodes they up and flash the 3 year old episode we saw 100 times yesterday. It's as if they don't even want to see the newest ones.

Steven Universe is a perfect example of this. - Apex320

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25 Too Much CGI

A dumb excuse to hate modern animation, anyway. CGI can be as "good" as hand-drawn, people.

A.K.A. Dumb Excuse To Hate Modern Cartoons #237.

Yes I HATE CGI I love just classic cel animation that's special! And WORTH IT! by the way I''m 11

26 Only Use Basic Plots And Ideas V 1 Comment
27 Too Much Flash Animation

Flash is absolute trash

28 Bad Character Designs

Honestly, the animators are too lazy to create unique characters designs. Instead, they depend too much on computers. Just compare the simple laziness of Adventure Time to the well-animated Batman: the Animated Series.

What happened to good character designs like the ones back then? Why do nowadays cartoons have only lazy designs? This ticks me off, especially since I am an artist. - AnimeDrawer

Different people do have different ways of designing characters, so there is really no problem with that.

29 People Are Biased

Just because there have been a few bad cartoons, that somehow takes away the greatness of the ones we all love and praise. There are bad cartoons but there's not that many. The art of animation is not taken as a joke. We still have Disney and Dreamworks and Pixar and they aren't giving a disgrace to animation. It's just a couple of bad shows. - YakkoWakkoDot

Its not all anime fan bases that hate cartoons today a lot of the people who grew up on cartoons hate the new ones because they really do suck its horrible how cartoons one a respected art form has become a joke.

I agree with the person below me. I'm an anime fan, but I have noticed that most cartoons of today are pretty bad. Older cartoons were actually more entertaining.

Well, Disney is pretty biased, so much that they only care for money and cliches, and not quality no more.

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30 They're Not Funny
31 Humans Aren't Drawn Realistically V 1 Comment
32 Continuity Shows Are Boring V 1 Comment
33 Too Many Stupid Protagonists

Kion from The Lion Guard is the most stupid protagonist. His name is just 'lion' with a K. Nothing special.

34 Too Much Appealing to the Adult Demographic
35 Too Many Morals
36 Lack of Moral Values

Older cartoon had any moral values? Well, if you have seen the animated shorts from the 1910's through the 1950's you will see most of them had shown more moral values much more than what the recent cartoons of the 1990's to today ever had. Characters get punished, spanked, etc in some of those cartoons, something you don't see today. At least back in those old days before we were all born, artists had more freedom and did not have to worry about political correctness at the time.

What made the older cartoons likable is that they often show morals and consequences in the story. You rarely see characters that are bullies get spanked or punished for all the bad acts they do in today's shows as you'd expect in the older shows. Also, being political correct doesn't help, either.

Yeah, like older cartoons had any moral values at all.

Spongebob in a nutshell - Miauzer

37 Too Much Political Correctness

Shame that artists no longer have the freedom of drawing whatever they want due to stupid political correctness and executive meddling.

I don't think cartoons like these has something to do with politics.

38 Instead of a Realistic Portrayal of Certain Animals, They Still Stick to the Same Dumb Stupid Folk Stereotypes

Just look at how hyenas appear in The Lion Guard. They still are villains, and still represent the "evil stooges" stereotype like the ones in The Lion King did. If Disney promised to be realistic when it comes to creating animal characters, then they would never have done that and would know that they were sued for such a portrayal and why said researcher suggested a boycott of TLK in a fact sheet to preserve the animals. Disney had one chance to fix the broken reputation of the hyena, and they failed.

39 No effort put into drawing some of these shows.

In anime, every scene can be drawn out very carefully. In the old days of cartoons, the physics and the backgrounds look pretty magical. Only a few shows today have these qualities like Steven Universe or possibly Gravity falls, maybe more. But, some are just basic sprites made in CGI, are literal pictures in a low resolution, or have a high noise value.

Flash and CGI take WAY longer than you think they do.

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40 Complicated Plots
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