Top Ten Reasons Why Cartoons Suck These Days


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41 Everything is Serious

Another dumb excuse to hate modern animation. Not everything has to be zany, you know.

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42 Lack of Witty Jokes or Writing
43 Rely Too Much on Anime

To be honest, I like the anime-style found in most new animated series these days, so there shouldn't be a problem with it at all. Anime is very popular around the world, so why limit the style to just Japan? Let western artists draw anime if they want to, god dang it.

It's a bad thing because why bother calling it a cartoon anymore its not original majority of them are basically anime - sadfag

44 Rely Too Much on Fans
45 Too Many Stereotypes

Yes, this is true about The Lion Guard. It features the worst kind of stereotyping and roles in animals ever, and makes me wonder what the heck was Disney Jr./Disney Channel thinking when they made and continue to make this show? It's characters suck, heck, TLK as a franchise is just bad and should have died by now.

46 You are Nostalgic for Your Own Childhood

Face it. The older cartoons you grew up with reminds you of when you were a child, when life was simple, and you were not responsible for everything. When you were little, your parents probably said the same thing about the shows you watched. A decade from now, today's current children are going to hate on those cartoons and feel nostalgic for the 2010's. - anonyalternategirl

47 Using the 'new' flat design instead of old material design
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