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1 They Are All Boring

All of them are boring? No. I watch like a hundred and they aren't boring. Some are but not all. I love cartoons. I don't watch many live action shows. - cosmo

If you think cartoons and anime are boring, watch well-written series like Futurama, Steven Universe, SpongeBob, The Devil is a Part-Timer or Azumanga Daioh. - KalloFox34

MOST of them are boring. I actually like The Simpsons, Total Drama, Regular Show and that's it. The rest is just boring. I prefer live-actions shows - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Cartoon is Not Great Anymore

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2 Cussing

I've seen more cussing in live-action than I have in cartoons. - Popsicles

3 Butt Jokes
4 No Humor

They are not educational. And if we want America to be smarter (not saying I'm for Trump or Hillary, because I hate both of them) we shouldn't watch them.

5 Rip Offs of Good Shows

I don't think they are rip offs. - cosmo

6 Atrocious Voices

Every reason why cartoons suck! BAN THEM OR BE BANNED!

7 They Are for 6 Year Olds

Cartoons can be for all ages. - cosmo

I think this reason is bull it depends on the person - sadfag

8 Mean People
9 Nobody Watches Them

I watch them all the time too. And so do a lot of people like at my school. And other top tenners. And people from other websites. - cosmo

Actually I watch cartoons all the time - EpicJake

I'm sure SOME people watch them. Otherwise, they wouldn't even be on T.V. at all.

10 They're Not Educational

I know that there are some cartoons that teach you how to properly sct, but that's not the education we need, and who provides it? Not one single cartoon or anime. They are uneducational, and should be banned if we want America to gain smartness and intelligence. (I am not a fan of Trump nor Clinton because they both suck and shouldn't have run for president). And why do I say that they're uneducational? Because IT'S TRUE AND I DESPISE CARTOONS AND ANIME, even those stupid MAD and YTPMV crap that should be banned because of nonstop copyright infringement every single time, even by using the song as BGM. And even if they get permission, they shouldn't be allowed to do that. Appreciate the REAL Music.

Now back to the cartoons and anime business. One day, I'll ban EVERY SINGLE CARTOON AND ANIME SHOW (both old and new), and promote the goodness of education. There are other things our kids can do besides watching a stupid character get squashed by a giant hammer, or stupid stuff ...more

I feel sorry for you. - KalloFox34

Television is for entertainment not education.
Read a book, idiot.

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11 Cartoons and Anime are childish

Really? The Legend of Korra and Death Note are childish? - KalloFox34

It's just not really worth looking at we better look at real life T.V. programs like forever or others.. But you can still watch anime and cartoons.

Seriously? If you think anime is childish, go watch Blood-C. And for cartoons? Ever watched Adult Swim? - Popsicles

I see, Death Note (Forces someone to kill themself by writing theirs full-name on the notebook), Blood-C (Gores), "Happy" Tree "Friends" (Animals Gores), Rick and Morty (Gores, Sexual Content) are for kids?
Okay then.

12 Unoriginal
13 Some of them are rip-offs
14 Nickelodeon Nickelodeon Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.
15 No one ages
16 They have gone weird
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